Monday Must Haves

Ok, over the weekend, I ran across all kinds of fun things that, in my opinion, are must haves.

1. "Heaven is For Real"  
I don't read books that often bc I am one of those that has to have complete silence or else I get distracted by things I would much rather be doing. But... every once in a while I run across something that really intrigues me and I'll try it out. Every book I've ever read, outside of highschool must reads, I have read in 2-3 sittings. I love it. I just never have time. This is only a handful of books though. I could seriously count on my fingers the number of books I have read for the fun of it. These are Heaven is For Real, The Help and Nicholas Sparks books (which I read as fast as I can and cry the entire time.. fantastic). The Help I read bc it is based on the town and Jr. League (that I hope to be a part of one day soon.. no it's no longer like it was in the movie) where I live now and the movie was filmed in my hometown. It was fab.
Anywho, on to Heaven is For Real. (yes, I realize the entire paragraph prior to this sentence was completely unecessary.) I bought the book on Tuesday. Read about 30 pages twice during the week and read the entire rest of the book yesterday afternoon. It is such an sweet little, matter of fact description of what a 4 year old says Heaven looks like!! O what a magical time that will be, to actually see what heaven looks like! It's a must read. Simple, Easy, Feel Good reading material.

2. The Women's Going Out Blouse
It is the peftect little silk blouse to tuck in any bottoms you might want to wear. I have been looking stores up and down for silk tank tops and blouses to tuck in high wasted shorts and skirts for the fall. Also, these are perfect for work!! It comes in all kinds of fun colors. Black, Red, Cream, Purple, Royal Blue and a few polka dot prints

Who knew all I had to do was go to Old Navy for something I have been trying to find all over this crazy town.

Old Navy Silk Top

3. Shoes for Football Season
Ok, so call us southerner crazy for dressing up for football games, but we do. I do this too, but I am practical about it. The key is to always be comfortable, but still cute. This does not mean wearing 5 inch heels to tailgate all day and stand at a ballgame.(crazies)These girls that do this are so silly. Find some cute wedges, boots and flats. And please do not wear a skirt so short and tight that you can't bend over without showing your hiney. Mizzzz... We're drinking beer people... and stuffing our faces with the best junk food in the world.. let's get serious..

My two must haves for this football season, I found on Saturday. I purchased a pair of camel wedges (much like the ones above) that should match anything I might need them too. I also found a pair of flat boots that I like. They come in brown and black. I wish the brown was a little more camel bc I don't wear much "brown." But it does look like it is ok to kind of mix up blacks and browns... which used to be a big fashion police no no. So I may take the risk and see if I can pull it off or I may just get the black bc everything in my closet is black.

4. Scarves
O how I love scarves!! Always have... Always will. I have on on now and it's 94 degrees outside. I wear them to work all the time bc they double as blankets. See, in my cubicle it is like a meat freezer. I keep a fleece jacket at my desk, then if I wear a dress I always wear a scarf so I have a blanket for my legs ha! This isn't why I love scarves though.They are the best accessory. They can make anything fun. I cannot resist them. Plus they are (usually) and inexpensive accessory that you can pair with tons of different things.

Anywho, I guess that's enough must haves for a day!!


  1. my husband and i had dinner with some friends on saturday night and we were talking about that exact book! and then i stopped by old navy and saw those tops really cute but i didn't purchase one, which one did you like best?

  2. I loved that book. Such a sweet story & a tear-jerker! Also loving all of those tops :)