Just Another Weekend in Mississippi

Just another weekend in Mississippi, consisting of: Motorcycle Men, Mullets, Margaritas, the Garage, Steel Magnolias, Jug Fishing and Changing Flat Tires..

Just a few reasons why this MS weekend was Fab:

~Friday night dinner at Shuckers. Can't beat some good ole bar food and ice cold beer with a side of Motorcylce Men, Mullets and Mother Shuckers (their signature slushy drink).

~ As always, the night ended with a gathering in the garage/driveway. See, since our dog Delta (aka Tornado) is absolutely Cray-Cray, we can't hang out in our backyard, where most normal people hang out (of inside... but what's the fun in that?). We have to use our garage/driveway. I'm sure our neighbors just love us to death.. not!

~On Saturday morning, Katie arrived and us gals headed out to grub on some mexican food, with a side of margaritas!!

~Then it was on too shopping... bargain shopping, of course, at Old Navy and the 30% off 10th Birthday sale at MiGi's. Because let's face it, if it's not on sale or I don't have a coupon, it's not getting bought (unless it's to die for, of course.. or a good dress... or a good pair of jeans).

Now, please allow me to tell you of the most heavenly t-shirt known to man. It's super dooper light weight, not tight and soft.
The perfect shirt to wear with skinny jeans, shorts or even a skirt. I got it in a dark grey and a dark olive green. I wore the green one yesterday, and I will be going back to get most every color. They are a little thin, so the white is too see-through (bummer), but all of the other colors should be fine. Yes, I know it's just a t-shirt, but on those casual days when you want to be super comfy, but still cute, it's perfect. Throw on a scarf or long necklace and you'll be good to go.

Old Navy T- Shirt

~ After a few bargain purchases, it was on to Sonic happy hour (nothing makes Greenwood, MS girls happier than a Sonic Coke... it's the simple things in life) and then the pool. (Only to be rained out after 45 minutes).

~Then it was on to Girls Night Out at Pan Asia.... YUM... then we met back up with the boys (in the garage, of course haha) when the got home from "jug fishing"... whatever that is?? And, we proceeded to have some very entertaining convos (which I cannot repeat), catch up time and changing of a flat tire at 1:30 in the morning... It's so hot here, Katie's tire, literally, melted to the drain on our street. When she moved her car it ripped her tire... Seriously... it has got to cool off a little. This is cra-zy.

~I can't tell you how fantastic and needed this girls day was (not so good on my pocket book, though)!! I can't even remember the last time I had a good girls day out like this. I loved every second of it and can't wait until the next. I mean who doesn't love mexican food, margaritas, bargain shopping, the pool and sushi with your favorite gals??

~Sunday... was a day of rest, literally. Kendol, who is up with the sun, slept until 11:45... He has NEVER done that since I've known him. Then the day consisted of lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings (yum), Steel Magnolias and Titanic on tv (favs) (Seriously, were the tv God's trying to depress us all), caught up on Glee (which I cried at also... poor Mercedes being sad about not having a date to prom... girl I know how you felt), a 3 mile walk (in the rain...), steaks & baked potatoes and then we ended the night watching "The Switch." Pretty cute.

Not that you cared about any of that... But that's my Fabulous MS weekend re-cap!!

Can't wait for Liz and Katie to come back in two weeks for more girl time, while the boys are dove hunting!!


  1. love that outfit callie! i love a basic tee ad dressing it up with accessories and i would pick all of those accessories you did. loving scarves and bracelets together, you did a great job!

  2. I am definitely into casual tee. Have been hunting for a simple white tee. :)


  3. I absolutely love that outfit you put together with the toms! so cute!

  4. lovely color on that t-shirt :D I'm following

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