Leopard and Denim



Ok, I FINALLY figured out how all these crazy people were making these clothing collages (yes, I know I'm way behind)... HELLO.. can we say, GOING TO BE  ADDICTED?? Just what I need is another thing to be addicted to.

I've always been so jealous of all of these people with their fashion collages and blogs about what fashions they are loving. I never, ever, ever, for the life of me, could figure out how in the world they could find all of these peices and pair them together. I always thought, they must really not have a life and spend hours upon hours looking for things, for one blog post. Let's face it, this cubicle girl doesn't have time for that. But, now I am so happy that I have figured this out. JEALOUS, NO MORE. I can share what I'm loving with ya'll like the cool kids do.. like you really care... that's beside the point!!

This is going to be absolutely awesome and I can't wait to create more, but the lunch break is over, so this is it for now. I am always looking for stuff to pair my denim shirt with. So that's what this one is. You can make it casual with shorts or flats... dressy with the heels... summery with the white pants... or funky with the red/pink pants and leopard print!! I'm not really one for jewelry, so I probably won't be putting any of that in my collages. My jewelry consists of Pearls or David Yurman. Yep, that's it! I guess that's the just the ways of us southern gals.


So for all of you other fashionistas out there, the website is called POLYVORE. Get ready to be addicted people, but this is going to be a great tool for taking things you have in your closet and seeing what all combinations you can come up with.

I can't wait to see what my friend JAMIE puts together!! I know she is going to love this.


O and P.S. I went from 28 to 31 followers today!!! Go Girls!! Thank you so much to all of my new followers. I can't wait to catch up on all of your blogs. Much Love!!


  1. Love love love the Tory Burch Leopard shoes. Must.get.some.now :)

  2. LOVE the whole outfit!The tory burch shoes are divine!! I just found out about polyvore like last week. And im obsessed!! hehe

    Lots of love,

  3. GREAT outfit!! I always wondered how the heck they do that too! ha!

  4. Those leopard heels at the bottom look JUST like a pair at Payless. Cute outfit!

  5. Just found your blog- it's great! New follower :)

    I love those killer heels! The whole outfit is super cute.

  6. love the shoes! and I seriously have always tried to figure that out too. thanks for the link :)