Mini Me?

Ok... so ever since these pictures came out of Vanessa Hudgens with this chopped off hair, I have been trying to figure out who she looked just like... I have finally figured it out.

Kris Jenner                                         Vanessa Hudgens

I mean they look identical. At least we know what Vanessa will look like when she gets older. Goodness... they look like twinsies. We shall call them Krinessa!

And let's just say, I wouldn't mind looking like Kris Jenner as I get older (not that you are old Kris... I know you're sensitive about this.. I think you're FAB)... or have her wardrobe... or her money.. you know.. I could live with all that!

That is all.


  1. Crazy! They do look like twins! I could live with that, too :)

  2. Wow! She's a complete dead ringer for Kris! They are both beautiful ladies, fo' sho'!

  3. haha i love the comparison, i wouldn't have noticed that unless you pointed it out!