Take A Little Walk In The Country With Me

This past weekend was spent out at my parents house in the country. We did a little hunting, in the pouring rain. Watched a little football. Fried some crappe, hushpuppies and french fries. Had sausage balls for breakfast. Played a game of Phase 10. Did a little shopping. Ate lunch at my favorite spot, The Delta Bistro. Went to church. At lunch at the Crystal Grill. Had a flat tire.


I also took some pictures around the place with my new camera. Bare with me bc I am still learning and am no where close to knowing what I'm doing, but I thought a few of them turned out pretty good.

So as Scotty McCreery says, Come take a little walk in the country with me....

Watch the sun sinkin' down on the trees
It's gonna do us some good
To get down in the woods
Take a little walk in the country with me
Walkin' in the country
Oh bless my soul
Just gimme that country road
~Scotty McCreery

Picnic by the lake, anyone?

Can't wait to use this when it gets warm!

My favorite picture that I took.
My Daddy's truck.

My favorite bench!

Love their bottle tree!
Need one.

Wood's always on the back porch, ready for a fire!

View from the porch

It wouldn't be a house in the Delta without McCarty Wind Chimes.

Andd...... Huge News!!
I hit 100 followers this weekend... and even went a little above and beyond!!
I feel a give-away coming on.

And p.s.... who might yall be rooting for tonight in the National Championship game?
I am still undecided and need to get it together, asap!
LSU..... BAMA????
Happy Monday Lovelies!!


  1. i love this pictures! well done lady!

  2. Love the pictures seems like you are doing good with the new camera. Sounds like you had a good weekend to. Hope you have a good week to.

    P.S thanks in advance for getting that song stuck in my head hahahah

  3. gorgeous photos callie! i want to come visit you right now because of your photos. i have a feeling i was meant to grow up in the country

  4. Lovely pictures! Country walks are the best. :-)

  5. love your pictures! our families would get along so well-every single one of us has a cotton plate on the front of our vehicles! part of the reason don't want to switch to illinois tags is because i will lose that plate! i also love the bottle tree! i really want to make one sometime soon!

  6. Your pictures look beautiful ! Your dad's truck is one of my faces :)

    And I guess Roll Tide? Sad college football is over!

  7. LOVE the pictures sweets!! I want to visit, it looks amazingly gorgeous and welcoming! I'm packing my bags :) xx Natalie