In Need of New Recipes??


Ok, so precious Jamie has started a recipe exchange. It started out as an email, then she emailed me and said "What about doing this on our blogs??" GENIUS... GENIUS, I TELL YA!!

Think about how many awesome recipes you can get from this... for real! And who doesn't need more recipes??? I know I look for them daily.

So here is the Low Down.

First, send an email to the bloggie listed as #1 below with one of your favorite recipes. This should be an easy to follow, not so many ingredients, go-to recipe. You know the one!!

Next, post about this on your blog, except move my name to #1 and your name to #2.

Last, sit back and enjoy the delicious recipes that your friends' readers send your way!!


1.  Jamie @ HarrisJamieR@gmail.com


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