You're My Boy, Blue!!!

So last night we did something so stinkin' fun. We had a gender reveal party for some of our closest friends, Krista and Cody, who are expecting a little one in May. I highly suggest this! (if you can wait a few hours after the doctor to find out) After months of waiting, it was finally revealed that The Hicks' are having a boy!!! Good thing bc they all wore blue to the party ha!

Krista and Kaitlyn taking the sealed envelope to the bakery!
The precious cake!
P.S. If you are the one that picks up the cake, don't put a picture up online without being very specific.
Stephanie, near about, caused a riot on the ole facebook with people thinking she was pregnant!

Kaitlyn patiently waiting to find out whether she will have a brother or sister!
Clearly she was rootin' for a boy!
Team Blue!

Team Pink!

Bestest Friends!

Cody getting impatient

It's a boy!!!!
Carter Reed Hicks will be here in May.

Pretty Pumped
Everyone wrote a little message for Carter.

Pret-ty impressed with Wally's Bubble Letters...

And super impressed with Cody's handwriting!!
Sweetest thing ever.

Congrats to the Hicks!
I absolutely cannot wait to meet precious Carter.
It's time to go shopping!!
Come on lunch break...


  1. Ahh this is awesome. Love the last picture of the excited Dad. :) That kind of party is such a great idea! The anticipation would kill me though, haha.

    Much love,

  2. SO fun!! We are defintitely doing this with out next!!

  3. oh. my. eff. THIS IS SOOOOOOOO CUTE and PRESH. I seriously love it all. I want to do this if I ever get knocked up. My heart melted :)

  4. So cute!! I def want to do this one day when I get preggo. I just dont know if I could keep it a secret I would have to know hahaha

  5. fun party!!!! I'm your 99th...thanks for following me (ps. i love your orange and blue blog design)!!!

  6. so so cute! i love a gender reveal party, cant wait to have one of my own but that is still a ways off! i love all the gender food items too, so cute

  7. This is the cutest thing EVER! I'm stealing some of their idea's for our gender reveal party tomorrow night!!!

  8. Love it Cal! Thanks for being such a great friend and being a big part of our party! Love y'all!!

  9. Aw this is so adorable! Looks like a lot of fun :)