It's Friday!!!
Thank the Good Lord above.
Could this week be any longer?
And just think, I only worked 4 days.
I can't imagine if I had gone to work Monday.
What a nightmare.
Is it 4:40 yet? (yes, I leave early.. I'm a rebel like that)
You're crazy if you think I'm waiting til 5 to deal with that traffic.
Does anybody know how hard it was to go to Keifers and get Hummus and a Side Salad?
Instead of a Pita Mozz and a Curly Fry?
I need a gold medal. Stat.
I ate breakfast everyday this week.
I need another medal.
I've only had 2 cokes all week.
Yep, you guessed it. Another medal, please and thank you!
Speaking of medals, I wonder if my Super Bowl Squares are going to win?
Kendol called earlier to ask if I needed anything from the liquor store.
He's the best. Ever.
What kind of question is that? Reisling, please.
And can you bring it to my cubicle, now? Kidding... Kinda...
Wouldn't that be awesome?
Guess what this weekend is?
The last weekend of deer season.
Guess where we are going?
My parents, duh!!!
Are we predictable or what?
We have a wedding too!!
Party time with Brittney and Sean.
And Meagan Rae's coming home.
Wooooooo Hooooo.
It's still January and almost hot enough to go out on the Rez..
Oooo I can't wait for summer.
How do people have all of these snapshots of just themselves on their blogs?
Do they have secret blog detectives following them around capturing their every cute move?
Outfit of the day posts, I understand. Use a self timer or a remote.
But what about the cute ones outside?
Do these people stage photo shoots?
Who takes their pictures?
Their husbands? Boyfriends?
Kendol would laugh in my face.
It would be most awkward.
I would not be able to take myself seriously.
Maybe we should attempt.
It would make for a most absurd post.
But I'm so jealous, bc everyone's pictures are so cute.
Why does it seem that all things healthy are sweet?
I can't handle that much sweetness.
Breakfast bars. Fruit. Smoothies.
All sweet.
I feel like my teeth are about to fall out from it all.
How do people do these accent vlogs and not want to crawl in a hole?
I attempted one and deleted it immediately.
It was heinous.
Do I really look like that?
Do I really sound like that?
Do I really make all of those faces?
I know I'm very animated, but what the what??
Why are yall friends with me again?
I actually remembered to wear maroon today for Maroon Friday.
Another medal for me!
I'm going to need a trophy case soon.
Just a few more hours of work.
I will need Nelly pandora station.
Crank it up.
I can do this.

Now that you know everything that's going through my head, I will let you take it all in.

Happy Maroon Friday Everyone!!

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