You Know What Time It Is!!



Let's have a little fun with something home decorating ideas, shall we!!

Perfection!! The farm table... the wall color!!

The Farm Table... The Light... The Wood Floors!! So fun.

Church Pew on the Porch!! Obsessed..

I love an iron bed!! My Grandaddy used to make them. Love the use of teal.

Source: flickr.com via Callie on Pinterest

The blue with the melon and cream stripe!! Perfect with not being over the top girly.

Lurve a Good Bookcase!

Source: brides.com via Callie on Pinterest


Genius Idea..
Make your Shenanigans Look Classy!!

Adorbs... I would die for a yellow couch!

Brick Wall!

Simple. Classic. Toile (my fav). Chocolate. Lurve...

Love the Teal and Yellow... And the bookshelves!!


How is everyone doing with their resolutions?? I am keeping up with mine better than I ever have. If you need a refresher, mine were to actually use my Erin Condren planner, Start running again and eat semi-healthy at least one meal a day. A few others I have been trying to work on are cutting back on my soft drink intake and to start eating breakfast. Why am I apparently the only one who hates eating breakfast?? Why add more calories to the day and start your day feeling fat. I love feeling skinny until at least lunch!!! But alas, I ate breakfast this morning, since I'm "supposed" to and all.... GGGRRRR....

If you don't do this, please start!!
It seriously helps.
If I don't have a workout of semi-healthy meal to write down, I get mad at myself.

So Just a little more motivation to keep us all going!!!

And we will end this journey down Pinterest Lane with a few things fabulous!

Source: elle.com via Callie on Pinterest

So fresh!


Until Next Time... Happy Pinning!!!


  1. Oh, how I love the workout quote. Sore or sorry....you picked a good one!

  2. eat breakfast young lady!! i know it feels like more calories but if you don't eat breakfast you will end up putting more calories in your body later on in the day! and that is an awesome idea to mark down your workouts that way they are written in ink and hard to forget about

  3. Oh Pinterest...how I love you! I love all of those pins. Seriously! I'm going to have to stalk you on Pinterest now :) jk


  4. I love the rooms, the motivation and the clothes! I love it all! Perfection!

  5. soo many great pins! I love the porch...if i had one like that i would sit outside and read all the time! i also have a planner that i keep in my purse to keep me organized-it's a must!!

    ps. i don't like eating breakfast either BUT its definitely healthy and it always makes me feel better the rest of the day!

  6. Really, what was life like before Pinterest? Haha!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl