OOTD: Cheap Shoes Don't Fit My Feet

When we were younger, my sister mentioned needing a pair of shoes for something specific. My Daddy requested my sister go to Payless (payless and 2 local shoes stores was all we had to choose from)... to which my sister quickly responded "Cheap Shoes Don't Fit My Feet." And while we all got a huge kick out her comment at the time, thinking she was "too good" for a pair of cheap shoes, it's actually the truth for us girls with skinny feet. And she was definitely spot on with her comment.

Yesterday I stopped by Old Navy on my lunch break to check out what all had come in and been put on clearance since Christmas. (I am major bargain shopper) Needless to say, I hit the jackpot. The sweater below, that I've been eyeing for about 2 months now was on sale for $5.00.... Yes, you read that right... $5.00. Although they no longer had it in the yellow stripe (my fav), I snatched up the black/white stripe and the solid red one. Perfect for work!!! (And every other occasion, if you are a lover of the cardigan like me) I feel so classy and girl next door today in my stripes... And now that I look at it, maybe a little Michael Jackson-ish...

Also, on my little trip I discovered they had the "loafers" that are becoming ever so popular. And since I'm not 100% sold on the trend, for myself, I thought I would get a pair of "cheap" ones to see if I could pull them off or not. Grabbed an 8 and went on my way.

Ann-Hamilton was right... cheap shoes do not fit our feet. Way too wide, (I couldn't even take a step without it flopping off) along with all of the other bargain shoes I attempt to buy such as my Lauren Conrad black platform pumps... When will I learn my lesson? I was so excited to try a new trend. O well, back to the store they go!

Since the new shoes didn't make the cut, I stuck with the ole' faithful TB flats!

I have never done an OOTD post and since I am no master at photographing myself (I find it impossible), I put together my outfit on polyvore. (Real shirt's more of a plum and pants a little more dressy)

Outfit of the Day

Outfit of the Day by calliecollins featuring mid rise jeans

Also, if you could please say a prayer for the Lady that I work under. Her son (26) was in a wreck this morning on his motorcycle. He is alive and talking, but they think he may have broken his spine. That's all we have heard back, so far. Any and all prayers for him and their family would be greatly appreciated!

Update: It looks like his spine is completely severed and he will be paralyzed from the waist down. Please pray hard for him and his family as they go through this.


  1. Great finds! I totally buy cheap shoes when I'm not sure about a trend or if I'll wear them. My problem is that one foot is bigger than the other so finding shoes that fit are such a pain lol.

  2. First of all, I'm definitely praying.

    Secondly, I totally understand! My foot is SO narrow and I have no arch. It is quite the task to find shoes that fit. Nine West is my favorite shoe brand because their narrow size actually fits. You are not alone! Haha.

    Much love,

  3. oh callie that is horrible news so sorry to hear that. definitely will be praying. wish i had the narrow feet problem. i have wider feet. but regardless great finds at old navy! $5 for a sweater, that is crazy awesome!

  4. Oh gosh, that is so terrible about her son. Will definitely say a prayer for him right now.

    And I never thought about cheap shoes having a different fit! What your sister said is hilarious!

  5. Oh wow! Absolutely in my thoughts and prayers. Thank God he is alive though!!

  6. the title of this post alone made me giggle. love!
    xo TJ

  7. I LOVE OLD NAVY! I just re-discovered it about a year ago and I can't get enough. Their sales are always ridiculously cheap + add a coupon on top of that and you can walk away spending so close to nothing. Love the striped sweater!

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  9. Cheap shoes DON'T fit feet! Oh my gosh, I have giant size 9 wide feet. I have to try everything on before I buy it, so I can totally relate. But I'm guessing your feet are WAY more cute than mine! Haha!

  10. I missed the last part of the post. I'm so sorry to hear your news. I will definitely keep him in my prayers.

  11. I'm loving your blog and this post! Great snag at old navy! I love finding bargains like that! Xo