Thursdays Thoughts

Just a few random thoughts on this Thursday... and I by random, I mean ridiculous.

1. This is most ridiculous, but I have seriously been thinking about it since last night. Pajama Pants... Is it just me or are they always too short? I buy mine a size big bc there's no need for pj pants to fit (the bigger the better, right???) and I know they are going to shrink a little. Seriously, where do you tall people get your pajama pants?? The men's section? Bc I'm only 5'7 and mine always end up being too short after one wash, so I know yall's have to be.

2. How adorable and awesome was Phillip Phillips last night on American Idol... I die!! He should win, hands down. Youtube him... fo real! I've been doing it all morning. Well, Hello there Dave Matthews, Jr....

3. I feel like a Kardashian today. Boots to my knees and a giant tribal sweater... all I need is some junk in the trunk and a baller on my arm then I'd be set.

4. Speaking of Kardashians... how ticked would you be, if you were Khloe, about these rumors of O.J. Simpson being her real Daddy... Ummmm the reason it's questioned of her not being a Kardashian is because of her lighter skin color... So how in the world would it make sense for her real Daddy to be black instead of Armenian... Idiots....

5. Speaking of Kardashians again.... Who would have ever thought that Scott Disick would become one of my very favorites. How precious is he these days?? Not drinking did that guy some major good!

6. My Great Great Aunt's chair that I sent to be recovered is back!! And it's awesome.... Squealllllssss....

More pictures to come of what it looks like in the room... Just have to clean first... Duh!!
7. Justified has started back and it's awesome! If you don't watch, you should. Raylan Givens... Whew!!! That cowboy hat...

8. Speaking of cowboy hats... Anyone watch 90210??? Austin..

9. It is driving me nuts that I do not have an equal number of thoughts, so this is just a filler... Does anyone else do this?? I'm so weird. Everything has to be even for me... when I decorate everything has to be balanced... when I make a list it has to be a certain number... when I run it has to be a certain mileage and time... Can't end on a random number..

OOOOO thought of something I wanted to share... last night at the gym... so ridiculous... I spent 35 minutes on the elyptical while watching Man Vs. Food (5lb Chili Cheese Dog and Fries in 20 mins) and Worlds Best Fair Food... Do you know how hard it is to exercise while drooling over chicken on a stick and fried pickles... also I watched two highschool boys practice their breakdancing in the aerobics room (so random)... That is way cooler and more fun than the elyptical... Not to mention I was tired and just flat out not in the mood. Needless to say, the workout was mizzz, but it's in the books. That's all that matters, right??

10. And last but not least, if you've had a bad week like me, hopefully this will help you like it has me!! My friend Meagan Rae put this on facebook the other day and I have gone back and read it 1,000 times.


  1. hahahah you are so stinking cute. I swear I love mens pajama pants that is honestly all I wear cause they fit in length. I am not one that wants me pjs all snuck and tight and short. So although my pjs arent girly at all but they fit. I also love Scott and its so funny that I do cause I always hated him but now I am disliking Kim. I feel so bad that everybody is dissing on Khloe so sad. Hope your week is getting better. How is your friends son doing?

  2. love the chair re-design! that's just amazing!

    hope you're having a good week :)

  3. Totally hear you on the pajama pants thing! I'm 5'8" and none of my are long enough...the only solution I've found is wearing my boyfriends; huge in the waist but at least long enough. HUGE pet peeve of mine are pants that are too short!

  4. OK I have a serious issue with uneven numbers! Except 5s are OK. Lol I guess because you can count to five on one hand? If the volume isn't set on an even number I freak out lol.


    Austin is growing on me too :)

  5. Soma has good pjs and long pants!

  6. My pajama pants are ALWAYS too short and I'm only 5'3. I saw American Idol last night too!

  7. Ahhh I loved his performance! He's adorable!!!

    ps. tagged you in a post today, lady!

  8. Callie, when I set the volume on a tv or radio (that actually shows the numbers) it HAS to be an even number!! But my favorite number is 3?? hmmm