A Day of Mourning

It is a day of mourning down here in the South (and other places too, I'm sure). College football season is over. Now it's time for the dreaded 7 month wait for it to start all over again.

Speaking of mourning... Those poor LSU fans. What the H happened to yall last night??
Did Jefferson throw down 100 G's in favor of Alabama before the game... and the honey badger too??

Speaking of mourning... That poor Jarett Lee. Why did they never give him a try??

What a snoozefest that game was....
I seriously almost fell asleep during the third quarter.

The most exciting part of the whole night was when Alabama's quarterback immediately took to the stands to find his family to celebrate and when the interviews began. Best line of the night: "We just out-physicaled their offense." O, really? You out-physicaled them?? But in all seriousnes.... I kinda like the new word!!!

But on a fantastical note, the National Championship title stays with the SEC!! and the state of Alabama.

(I have to secretly admit that I was rooting a little teeency bit more for Alabama than LSU.... Just bc I used to go to gymnastics camp there ha! That really is the only factor I could come up with to decide between the two teams)

Speaking of football, did I ever tell yall that I won my fantasy football league!! You are looking at the Rookie Feaux Football Champion!! BOOOO-YA!

Now it's time to cheer the Who Dat's on to another Super Bowl!!!!

Now for some of the fun things to look forward to in this 7 month period.
~Crawfish Season
~Baby Hicks making his arrival!
~A Bachelorette trip to Panama City Beach on St. Patty's Day 
(bound to be ri-donk)
~A Bachelorette trip to Nashville the weekend of Cinco De Mayo and the Kentucky Derby
(bound to be ri-donk, as well)
~Two of my very best friends weddings, both in Memphis,
and all of their other wedding festivities
~Lots of birthdays to celebrate!
~Sugarland in Davis Wade Stadium
~Hopefully a few baseball games at Dudy Noble
~The Rodeo
~The Warrior Dash
~Hopefully a Half Marathon in March (training in full swing)
~Many a days spent by the pool, at the beach or on the lake

Ok, maybe I won't really be doing that much mourning over football season being over.

Bring on the Sunshine!!
Bring on the Good Times!!

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  1. I could have written the same post about last night's game! We actually turned it off halfway through the forth quarter because it was so dang boring. Glad SEC dominates again, but as an Auburn fan, hate to see it be Bama ;) Do you read www.outkickthecoverage.com? There is a fantastic article about the best (and worst) of the LSU/Bama fans on Bourbon Street! Glad you have so much to look forward to until September!