O How Pinteresting..


So I don't know about all of yall, but things are a little insane down here in Mississippi. Yesterday, on Governor Barbour's last afternoon in office, he decided to pardon over 200 prisoners, some most of which include murderers, rapists and sex offenders.... Yes, you read that right. The drug dealers and such I can deal with, but murderers, rapists and sex offenders... He is officially off his rocker.... Legit lost his marbles. And this is what I have to say about it.

Good thing I've been hittin' the gym alot lately bc I just might need that extra strength to ward off the crazies.

But for real, how is everyone doing with the resolutions? I'm still doing pretty dang good with mine, I am happy to report. If you count only eating 1/2 of my Chick-Fil-A meal as my semi-healthy meal for the day, then I'm doing aaaallllllll-right! I tried to be healthy, but when a craving for their buffalo sauce hits, there's no avoiding it. So I did what any logical resolutioner would do... I only let myself eat half... Hey, it's a start. Don't you be judgin' me... (with a head twist)

Anywho, just wanted to throw out a little motivation to keep us all going!! A little "Thinsperation" if you will.

Isn't Jillian such a gem?? Just love her.... psssshhhhyearight!
(all props go to my friend Cameron for the ppssshhhyearight)

And the main question for the day....

And just remember, if you slack a little bit
Source: etsy.com via Callie on Pinterest

Now get out there kick some arse!!!


  1. I am doing good on my new years resolution so far. Thanks to you also I purchases a planner and been keeping track of what I eat and when I work out.

    Haley B def decided to go out on a low note didnt he. Everybody keep your guns loaded at all times.

  2. I love that Jillian Michaels one. She scares me!

  3. I love the workout motivation pins. One of my favorites that I also have pinned is the "lapping everyone on the couch" pin.


  4. obsessed obsessed with these!! all of them!!!

    Classic & Bubbly