Dreaming of Spring


Being that it's 65 degrees down here in Mississippi in the middle of January, our fashion is a little off. Trying to still dress wintry in short sleeves is a bit of a challenge and has this girl dreaming of the beautiful colors and trends coming up in spring/summer. And mortified for swim suit season. (Beach twip in less than 2 months...)

First up, a few fab finds to get us through these last winter months.

Love the red/brown combo!

So pretty

Simple.Classic.Love the hat.

And now, for all of the pretty things I am dreaming about!!


Love this without the belt!! (I can't wear those belts... ugh)

So fun!



Loving the fringe... and the pastels!


It's almost swim suit season yikes!!!

How's everyone doing in their journey to being a little more healthy in 2012?? I am a work in progress, but I am definitely doing better than expected. I'm definitely making progress in healthier eating and getting back on track with my workouts. I've also added on cutting back on soft drinks and trying to eat breakfast (hate). So far, this is all going good for me bc the goals are achievable. Notice I use the words "cutting back" and "trying" bc if I mess up one day it's not the end of the world.

And last but most definitely not least...


  1. OOH I have fell off the planner wagon bad but you are right a few days doesnt mean complete failure. I have still done good eating its the working out that I havent done.

  2. Oh Cal, those yellow shorts are to.die.for. LOVE!!! and I'm loving the pastel pink skinnies with the lace top too!!

  3. come to California, spring will be here a lot sooner ;-) plus you get to visit me a major bonus! i saw that fringe clutch gorgeous! and ahh i want warmer temps now so we can wear those gorgeous outfits!

  4. People are pretty much dressing like this in LA. Being that we skipped winter pretty much all together. I wish it was cool enough here to wear the third outfit!