Does Everybody Know What Time It Is???

(Yes, I'm aware my post title was very similar on Wednesday... Sorry about that. Just the way it all worked out)


Nooooo not really...
I'm not channeling my innner Pamela Anderson today...
I'm channeling my inner Wilderness Girl of Beverly Hills

As in girl scout cookie time... the most wonderful time of the year!
(besides Christmas, football season, summer, crawfish season.... etc)

Sadly, I'm here to report there are no longer any lemon pastry creams... boo..

Now if you've never seen Troop Beverly Hills (or if you just want to get in the spirit) please, for the love of the cookies, watch the video!! It'll have your mouth waterin' and your booty shakin' in your cubicle in no time!! O man, I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've seen this movie and it never gets old. I get just as excited every year to watch this clip.... loser alert!

Also, it's

On this weekend each year, my college friends all meet up in Memphis for the annual Lisa Lassandrello 5k. To read more about it and why I started running in the first place, see HERE and HERE.

Not that I don't see them many more times throughout the year than this one weekend, it is the one guaranteed weekend that most everyone will be in the same place, at the same time WOO HOO!

T- 4.5 hours and we're off to Memphis!

I hope yall have a fabulous weekend and order an abundance of cookies!!


  1. cookie time and girl time, love it!! enjoy the 5K race and time with your friends!!

  2. hope the run goes great and you have lots and lots of fun

  3. no!!! it's can't be girl scout cookie time! I have such a love/hate relationship with Girl Scout Cookies. (love in my mouth/hate on my hips)

    Have fun in Memphis!