Over the Weekend..

Over the weekend, not much was accomplished and it was 10 kinds of fabulous. Let me just fill you in:

Drive. Hang out. Eat. Hang out. Bed.
Hang out.  Eat. Hang out. Wedding. Eat. Hang out. Bed.
Eat. Drive. Gym. Cook. Eat. Movie. Movie. Bed.

I am for real. This is exactly how the weekend went. Hang out time at my parents house with a lot of eating. Simple as that, and it could not have been better. And I slept til 10 on Saturday... I can't even explain the fabulousness.

Kendol made the executive decision to hang up his hat on hunting season one hunt early, so we actually headed home right when he got out of the woods Sunday morning. We actually had a Sunday afternoon free??? What? That never happens. So what do we do? We take our first trip to the gym together. Who are we? We have been at the gym at the same time but never worked out together.  I think he did this as a joke. I can not move my upper body. I sort of walk like a mummy today. I know I'm supposed to be sore, but for realz it's uncomfortable just to sit. Hour and a half work out with the hubs... check and check!

P.S. I have become obsessed with my fitness pal. If you are on there look me up. callie_collins

And there you have it folks, the most exciting post of your life!!!

Happy Monday Dolls!


  1. I sent you a friend request on myfitnesspal

  2. your weekend sounds just fabulous though. nothing beats a relaxing weekend!
    xo TJ

  3. you have a super cute blog. I was skimming my daily reads and came across your comment on one of the blogs I follow. since I'm always looking for new blogs I decided to give yours a try and I realized you are a MS girl too! so am I! gotta love it!

  4. I always like reading your posts (im kind of a creeper once in a while...haha okay there I admitted it) but they are always so uplifting and cheery...sounds like you had a great weekend (don't you wish they were longer?!?! **sigh)