Summertime Sammies

There is nothing better than a good ole' sandwich with fresh tomatoes from the garden to welcome me to summer. It is the main thing I look forward to, and I had my first one last week. While the tomatoes came from the farmer's market instead of my Daddy's garden, they did not disappoint.

Ever since then, I have been craving nothing but fresh fruits and veggies, which is never a bad thing. Monday night we had some squash and zucchini spaghetti (yea, I just made that name up) and last night we had some grilled zucchini and squash along with some roasted sweet potatoes. While I was buying up all these veggies, I couldn't pass up the watermelon and cucumber's that were calling my name.

I quickly cut up that watermelon (and dug in) and got the cucumbers sliced and soaking for my favorite little summer snack, the cucumber sandwich. While I usually make them in little individual "sammies" for a shower or party, I decided that I would be making full on sandwiches at work for the rest of the week. If you are a cucumber fan, do yourself a favor and make these for your next get together. Guests will love them and request them time and again. You won't regret. The recipe comes strait from my grandmother. You know I couldn't steer you wrong with my grandmother's recipe.

Via Pinterest

Cucumber Party Sandwiches
Season Salt (Tony's)
Circle Cookie Cutter

How To:
Peel Cucumber
Slice Cucumber
Place in a bowl
Cover with half vinegar/half water
Let soak over night
Cut bread into circles with a cookie cutter 
(slightly bigger than you cucumber slice) 
Put a little dab of mayo
(Pat cucumber with a paper towel so it's not dripping)
Place your cucumber on top
Top with a "sprinkle" of season salt
(I use Tony's)

And if you are feeling funky, you can do the same with tomato slices. Just mix some bacon bits with your mayo, add tomato and top with some salt and pepper.

And just a little (redneck) FYI: Since circle cookie cutters seem to be impossible to find around these parts, I have found that a small tomato paste can makes the perfect size circle. You can get two, sometimes three circles out of a piece of bread. See for yourself :) "The Redneck Cookie Cutter." I should patent.


  1. That's not redneck, that's smart! Sounds like a very yummy treat!

  2. Ha love the cookie cutter! Thanks for a great reminder for a fresh sandwich for summer!

  3. What a brilliant idea with the cookie cutter! Why have I never thought of that! :)

  4. Lol when I need to make circle cutes I use a glass, is that considered red neck? I'm so hungry right now and these sound so good!

  5. This makes me laugh! You should totally patent!!