Happy, Happy, Happy (2)

Day 14: Ten Things That Make You Really Happy

Ten things that make me really happy??? 
From this past weekend...

1. Time spent with my family watching my little sister graduate high school.
Followed by a family dinner at The Crystal Grill.

2. The jam session I had with Nelly Pandora on my drive to the beach Saturday. I would really love to know the number of calories I burned. I didn't miss a word or a booty shake or a hand gesture for four strait hours.

3. Being a part of a life-long friend's best day of their life.
Congratulations Tyler & Joely.

4. Being a beach bum. Kendol and I soaked up the sun and sipped on some cocktails literally all day on Sunday. I sure wish that could be my job. I would be d@mn good at it.

5. Nights out on the town. 
You just never know who/what you are going to encounter. 
Especially at the Flora-Bama.

6. Dinner's with a view.. 
Seriously can I have this view every night?

Cobalt in Orange Beach, AL.

7. Much needed time away with my love.

8. Spending some much needed time with great friends.

9.  Getting my ring all shined up..
Nothing better than that.

10. Ending the weekend by celebrating Kendol's sweet Momma over some delicious Seafood Lasagna. I am truly blessed in the Mother-in-Law department.

He fills my life with good things.
Psalm 103:5


  1. Seafood lasagna sounds divine. You should share that recipe, I've never heard of it.

    How long does it take you to drive to the beach? Nice to have a quick weekend trip!!

  2. Your beach trip.. JEALOUS!

    I love your ring, so sparkly!

  3. if i could pay you to work on your tan i would! also i love that striped dress you are wearing and i love love love your ring, i hope you know that i love your ring ;-)