Story of My Life

With the lack of topics for the ole blog, resulting from my crazy schedule, I figured I would just head first into a little challenge being put on by Story of My Life Blog. The first of the May challenge starts today with my life story in 250 words or less. P.S. I'm not sure where my point of view came from.. just go with it.

The (Wo)Man. The Myth. The Legend was born in 1985 in the small Mississippi Delta town of Greenwood. After gifting her mother with the most lame 4th of July ever (I'd imagine), little Callie (NOT Kelly) entered this grand world on the 5th.  She grew up the daughter of a teacher and bug man, sister to two and lover of competitive gymnastics, softball and swimming. Lots of swimming. (girl’s got to be tan, right?) She took her love for dance and gymnastics and was a cheerleader through out her jr. high and high school years. Then it was off to college where life really began. She was a Mississippi State bulldog  and a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority with her sister, first cousin and hometown best friends. She spent four of the best years of her life living it up in the small college town of Starkville, MS and made the best of life-long friends. Just two weeks before leaving that great town, she met a handsome gentleman named Kendol. The two of them drank beer and talked until the sun came up on the porch of her little turquoise cottage one night, which was followed by breakfast at Hardee's (keepin' it classy). These two were married just two years later on the hottest summer day in Mississippi History (or so it seemed). The two are now approaching their 4th wedding anniversary and are saving to begin building a new home on their 2 little acres in the country. 

And there you have it... 250 words.. on.the.dot.Boom.

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  1. Hahaha I laughed out loud when you mentioned giving your mom the lamest fourth of July ever! Loved hearing more about you, girl!