Where My Party People At??

Day 2:
Tell us something you know a lot about or are good at.

Here in the south, we throw parties for any and all occassions. And by "any and all occassions" I mean that literally. It takes very little for the following phrase to occur:
"O, so-n-so happened?? We should have a party/shower."
Example 1:"It's Tuesday? Party time!!"
Example 2: "It's my 27 and 3/4 Birthday?? We should have a cook out!"

Kidding. Kidding.

In other words, at age 27, I consider myself a professional party planner, so I figured I would give you some tips for throwing a party/shower with a group of people. I have learned that the whole "everybody do these jobs and we'll write 10 checks to10 different people to make sure everyone is exactly even" business is for the birds. Please... next time. Do not do this. There are much easier ways.

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Simplify Your Party
Keep it simple, simple, simple

1. Figure out who all will be hosting
2. Pick a date
3. Pick a theme
4. Pick a serving dish.
(down here in the 'Sip this is easy. Most everything is served on McCarty/Peter's Pottery,  Annie Glass or a combination of the two. If all hosts do not have the particular type of serving dish, others hosts that do can bring extras so that the display is uniform)
5. Decide on a hostess gift and who will purchase it.

Now for the dreaded, complicated, stressful part.
6.Who pays for what?

Stress no more, my party plannin' friends.
Remember: Simple
Simply make a list of things needed for the shower/party and a list of dishes you would like to serve.

Example of Jobs:
Soft Drinks/Punch
Alcoholic Drinks
(Mimosas, Blood Mary's)
Plates, Cups, Napkins, Silverware

Example of Dishes:
Fruit/Fruit Dip
Sausage Balls
Finger Sandwiches
Cheese Ball

Have everyone pick (first come, first serve) which job and which dish they would like to be in charge of.  
That way, they can spend as much or as little as they would like.

How freakin' simple. 
Each person has one job,brings one dish and writes one check/cash to whomever purchased the hostess gift.

Don't complicate things.
Someone has mason jars?? Bring em'
Someone has a pretty table cloth?? Bring it
Someone has a gorgeous vase??
Punch Bowl?? Bring it
Figure out what people have to offer that doesn't have to be bought.
Use it. Get creative.
We are not having a shower fit for a Princess Kate.
And we aren't Martha Stewart.
Work with what you've got.
Keep it simple.
Keep it organized.


Via Pinterest


  1. Ummmm do you want to be my official party planner for life? And plan my wedding?? (IF it ever happens?) OKAY good :)

  2. This is awesome. Were you kidding about the matching dishes? If not, thats freaking awesome, and I can so get on board with that!