Cowgirl Legs? Yes, please

As y'all know, this week I have been attempting to begin whipping myself back in to shape with the help of all these fresh fruits and veggies of summer and little bit of exercise. Well, Well, Well. On Wednesday, I actually got in my car to head to the gym (who even knew I still had a membership?) only to realize I forgot my headphones and there's no way I am running on the treadmill without my music. That would be horrific. 

So, I headed back home and thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out a little workout I found on Pinterest called the "Cowgirl Leg Circuit." (I'll do just about anything to get some Carrie Underwood look alikes) I thought I would do a couple rounds of that and maybe pop in a Zumba or P90X video to follow.

Joke was on me. While I made it just fine through the circuit, it was not easy. And there was no way in hell a video of any kind was going to follow. Seriously, I thought this would be no big deal. No mam. No freakin' mam. It definitely works the ole legs and makes you sweat. And to whoever designed this circuit and put tuck jumps at the very end... I hate you. There, I said it. And I hate you for the squat jumps too.

And here's me...
But smiling..
Because it was over..
Just look at that hair..
Hot mess express..

P.S. I have been trying not to drink cokes not drink as many cokes and trying to make myself drink lots of water.. like you're supposed to and all.. I am seriously scared I might wet the bed (HA!) How do you people do it? I think I got up like 5 times during the night. TMI? Isn't that what blogs are for?

P.S. I really need a heart rate monitor/actual calories burned counter. What are your best suggestions? I know tons have the Polar FT4. Is it still the best option?


  1. ohh awesome.. i going to email this to myself now lol

  2. You are making me feel bad! Awesome sauce job though! Just reading that made me sweat a little! HA! I should get to work on this workin' out thing... again! & I agree, cardio at the gym without head phones is pure torture! Ok... so, this afternoon I'm getting back at it with the workouts! Keep it up girlfriend! You're doing great!

  3. Polar FT4 is amazing! Make sure you buy it on Amazon - it will save you a least $20!!

  4. Way to go you!! I need to save this workout and give it a try. I mean who wouldn't want to have Carrie Underwood's legs?!

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