Newest Obsession..

As I was getting ready for our trip to New Orleans last weekend, I took my car for an oil change and tire rotation. While I was waiting, I walked to the shopping center next door to check out a new boutique to pass the time. This is where I discovered the cutest little slight back revealing shirt. I consider myself pretty dang conservative, but it was perfect for New Orleans. I had to get it. 

Show my stomach? Never.. Show a little of the bottom of my back? Now, I can handle that. It is such a more classy way to show off a little skin. And now I am obsessed with the little gems. And Kendol loved it too! 
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  1. it's a super cute trend... though heavier chested girls like me have a hard time pulling off the front-only bra :)

    sure you looked super cute!

  2. Love these!!! You're right, it is a much classier way of showing off some skin! & I'm not a show my mid-drift type either. So cute & I will have to be on the lookout for these on my next shopping trip!

  3. I've been wanting to try one of these shirts but I haven't been brave enough yet, maybe this will be my year! :)