You Are Not A Tree

Day 8: "A Piece of Advice for Others"

Via Pinterest
So simple, but so true. When I first saw this, I was not happy with my job and the life it provided for me. 9 hour days with 2 hours of driving. It was just too much dedication for little reward and the job itself did not make me happy. I knew I had to change. And I did. And it's the best decision I ever made!! You are not a tree. You can move. You can change. Life's to short to be unhappy.


  1. Found you via the Blog Every Day in May challenge. I can't love this quote enough! I just made a major career change myself from education to counseling/social services after 7 years as a teacher. I'm so glad I did!


  2. Love this quote! It's so true yet, I've never thought of it before!

  3. Love this one! So true!