Pink, It Was Love At First Sight...


When I started to brainstorm on my pinterest theme for the week, it took about 2.5 seconds. I started browsing and realized EVERYTHING I have pinned is pink!! It's all so beautiful and props to my main man, Mr. Steven T., for providing me with a clever title to go along with all of my pink pretties.

Pink, it's my new obsession, yeah
Pink, it's not even a question...

Pink, it's the color of passion
Cause today it just goes with the fashion
Pink, it was love at first sight...

Moving right along.. 

Source: flickr.com via Callie on Pinterest

"Punchy Pink"

Source: jcrew.com via Callie on Pinterest

I'll take that swim suit.... and your abs too!! Please and Thanks in Advance.


  1. OOH I love that swimsuit and yes the abs to which this girl doesnt have. I am starting to think it ahs to do with the MS water hahahaha. This weather we are having is def making me have spring fever.

  2. ah pink. love it! I wish I was brave enough to wear some pink jeans. Not sure I can fit that into my wardrobe :)

    and, yeah, if you could send those abs my way too, please & thank you

  3. pink is such a happy color!! i need it more in my wardrobe, i think my husband has at least two pink shirts and i don't own a single one. is there something wrong with that?? happy wednesday callie!! love ya girlie

  4. I love all of these outfits. Especially the pink skirt, with the green plaid button down, and blue cardigan. So gorgeous!

  5. My closet is exploding with hot pink, I can't stop buying it!!

  6. Great pins revolving around a great color :D

  7. I love finding fellow MS bloggers!! :)
    And I'll take that girls abs as well. And that essie polish! Pretty sure I'm going to go find that essie polish this weekend! Found you through Nicole at Trying to Feel Normal.

  8. Loving this color, great finds!! Happy Friday!

    xo Shane