Just a Little on the Trashy Side

I will never forget my very first trip to the Dixie National Rodeo here in Jackson. I came with my family. Yes, my Daddy came all the way to Jackson for the Rodeo. I wonder how many times that day my Daddy said, in his best country voice, "That bulls so sick, he done throwed up a cowboy??" He says it everytime and I still crack up. He's precious.

Guess who the musical guest was at my first ever rodeo?? Confederate Railroad. Never heard of them?? Let me refresh your memory a bit. They sing "I Like My Women Just A Little on the Trashy Side."  A song very fitting for the week of festivities. They also had greats such as "Daddy Never Was the Cadillac Kind," "Jesus and Momma" and "Queen of Memphis." Yes, I said greats ha! I loved (and still do) all of the above mentioned tunes. Anywho, when we came to my very first rodeo, "Trashy Women" had just come out and it will forever remind me of that day. I loved the rodeo and I don't think I have missed a year since.

So guess what this weekend is??
You guessed it...

It's Dixie National Rodeo week here in Mississippi.

One of my most favorite weekends of the year.
Just about the only time you can act completely ridiculous
and still be the most classy person in the whole joint!

The week where people come out of the woodworks to watch a little bullriding, do a little beer drinkin' and act a redneck fool. While the rodeo itself is pretty tame, the after party known as "The Rodeo Dance" is the most magnifcent redneck fest you might ever lay eyes on. It will open your eyes to a whole new level of "trashy" and it is most entertaining. I'm talking giant belt buckles, lots of missing teeth and more mullets, plaid and blue jean jackets than you can keep track of. I cannot even begin to explain. I seriously don't know where these people come from.

As of yesterday, downtown has been taken over by campers, horses, golf carts and wrangler wearin' cowboys!
My favorite cowboy.
If you are not familiar... I'm afraid we can't be friends...
Not really..

I absolutely cannot wait. We are going Saturday night to see Lee Brice and I'm still holding out hoping someone will go back with me on Sunday for George Jones. I cannot pass up going to see George Jones for $20... Seriously.

I cannot wait for everyone to get  town and for the weekend's festivities to begin.
Better go get my "Sh!t Kickers" shined up!!


  1. That looks so fun! My friend Kristina and I always turn on "she's the queen of memphis" and dance around our apartments. I secretly feel like the queen and we love just dancing too it!

  2. I've been to one rodeo. ever. I was 8. It was in Texas. I went down to chase the calves with all the other little kids. I got lost. Couldn't find where my grandparents were seated. I have never went to another. It was traumatizing. LOL! Have fun :)

  3. How FUN!! Now I really want to go to a rodeo.... and a concert! That's so awesome you got 2 in 1!

  4. P.S. I totally cry every time we watch 8 seconds. So does my husband :)

  5. I love the Dixie National rodeo but unfortunately I will not be going this year. I have been ever year since I was 3 until the last 3 years cause of work. So have fun and some beer drinking for me. My sister is going to see George Jones.

  6. Oh I love you!! The first time I ever wore my shit kickers I went to jail at the concerts that go on with the rodeo! Good story.. not really! haha.