Over the Weekend: Rodeo

First and foremost, welcome to the new and improved "The Good Life Blog."
Complete with my favorite colors coral and yellow
And pearls, of course!
What would a southern gal's blog be without pearls?
Thanks so much to the Drew at Coral Cafe for doing such a wonderful job.
Also, thanks so much to Katie at Keep Calm and Carry On for introducing her to me!
So go on, grab my new little cute button. You know you wanna!!

This weekend was a busy one, but a very relaxing one, as well. Lots of great friends came into town for the Dixie National Rodeo and we had a blast.

Lots of laughs.
Lots of food.
Lots of beer.

Mallory and I on Friday Night

Mallory, Tiffany and I

Russ being... Russ
He brought lots (& lots) of laughs

Yall don't understand how huge this moment is
Being pregnant is so weird to me
I cannot grasp it
I don't think I even touched my sister's stomach
This is a major first...


3 Favorite Boys
Colby, Havis and Kendol!!
Intense Cornhole was played on Saturday

How cute is the cornhole I got Kendol for Christmas?
Love it
Yes, we rode in the penalty box

The makings of a good night

Lecile Harris

Meet Whassay Bronco Roden
The light up horse that Russ bought (at the rodeo) for his lovely wife for Valentine's Day
I just know she will love it ha!
and yes, he named it that.

25 Cent Oysters on Sunday

After the 25 cent oysters at Shuckers, I spent the rest of the day on the couch. Literally laid on the couch from 3-10.

Fabulous Weekend, Indeed!


  1. Okay so one. the bag of liquor makes my stomach hurt just viewing it. two. I want oysters and a beer with you sooooooon. three. I'm loving the Mstate cornhole!!! and four. Your new design is AWESOME!! Love it!

  2. I love the new web design:) It is so cute!! Love the pictures looks like you had a great weekend.

    Hey what is your name on fitness pal I am started back on it today and was going to add you to my friends so you could make sure I stay on it this time hahaha

  3. I am loving this new design...love love love! I'm hoping to have one finished soon, I need a little sprucing up around my area of the blogosphere. Looks like y'all had a wonderful weekend...and btw--that "anonymous" commenter can kiss my you know what, if she doesn't have the courage to say all of that from her own name, then she's not even worth our time! Don't you let her get to you! :) You're the best, don't you ever forget that!

  4. I love the new design too. so pretty! What a fun weekend

  5. Your weekend and your new & FABULOUS blog design look lovely, my dear! Hope your Monday was great, too! :)

  6. Yay! So glad you had a great time. You ladies look so pretty! And I LOVE the new blog design!

  7. well that looks like an incredible good time! I want to hang out with you guys!!

    and love the new blog design :)