Ok so this post is super random and stems from a few events that occurred yesterday morning while in my cube (cubicle for those non-business folks). First of all, the man on the other side of my cube was slirping his drink of choice, which I assume was coffee. Come on man... How old are you again? Why does this bother me you ask? (besides the fact that it's childish) Because I HATE... let me repeat that... HATE.. repetitive noises. And I don't like coffee either... Then, I caught myself printing out unnecessary things for work, just so I could touch the paper bc it was warm and I was FA-REEEEEZING. Yes, the paper acted as my "clothes right out of the dryer" for the morning. At this point, I said to myself "Callie,  you are so weird... for real." Which got me to thinking about a few other quirky weird things about myself and they are just too absurd not to share. So for all of you newbies (and oldies), here are a few things you may not know and may not want to know about me.

Enjoy a few laughs at my expense!! I'm totally ok with it:

~First and foremost, as I said above, I absolutely CANNOT stand repetitive noises... doesn't matter what the noise is.. It can even be music... Can.Not.Handle.It. The end of Freebird makes me want to just die.
~Also as I said above, I do not drink coffee. Seriously don't know if I've ever had a cup.
~I have never had a glass of milk in my life. Born allergic.
~I do not drink whiskey. It makes me throw things.. Seriously.
~I am from the south and do not drink sweet tea. Eeeewwww.
~I do not eat mushrooms, jello or hotdogs.
~I play with tape constantly. Nervous habit?
~I also scratch the back of my head constantly. Nervous habit? Crackhead?
~I hate my side profile.
~I look like a boy with my hair in a ponytail.
~I can't breath out of my nose.
~I do things backwards, such as tests. I always started with the last question and worked to the front. My English teacher once told me that it meant I was weird creative... Yea... I mean, who am I to argue with a teacher? They are always right, right?
~Everything has to be even. Decorating- I usually do everything in threes and by height. Lists have to be in increments of 5. Can't have a list of 11... Running- Minutes have to end on an increment of 5 or at an exact # of miles.
~I am really good at poems. Ever need one for an invitation or something, hit a sista up!
~I have very long limbs and I am a bit spastic and animated... and by a bit, I mean extremely.
~My fork fell off my plate on the way to the sink every single day of my life as a child.
~Green Benadryl makes me crazy. Or it made 3rd grade Callie crazy. Haven't had it since.
~I always sit with my feet up, like indian style. Riding in a car, feet are in the seat with me. Driving- left leg is in the seat with me.
~I always have to have a blanket if watching t.v. It's almost like I can't watch without it. P.S. my snuggie (MS State) is the best invention ever.
~I also always have to have a sauce on my food. I think I have a dipping problem. I must dip my food in something.

And yes, I didn't number these on purpose, so I wouldn't be worried about how many there were.

Am I weird or just awesome, you tell me?
Bc now that I look at it, I think I'm O.C.D.
I know I'm not alone and yall are weird too,
So spill the beans and give me the truth!

Told you I was good at a poem...BOOOOOM!


  1. OMG you are the only other person that I have meet that doesnt drink sweet tea. Everybody calls me weird cause I hate it like the smell makes me sick. Also I always have to have a blanket or a hoody on. If I dont I feel naked.

    I have to have dipping sauce with everything and so does Jeremy. ACtually jeremy usually has like 3 different sauces on his plate.

    I can not drink whiskey it makes me very emotional like I cry about everything and it usually makes me have a terrible hangover and makes me sick.

    Gosh we have alot more in common than I thought we might.

  2. i am cracking up over this because through the whole thing i was thinking me, thats me, oh my gosh thats me too.
    i HATE repetitive noises...gum smacking, pen clicking, foot tapping. i have to ask people to stop in class.
    i live in TN and do not like sweet tea at all. i am the only one of my friends & family that doesnt like it.
    glad im not the only quirky one!

  3. I am dying. Hahahaha absolutely hilarious. You crack me up, Cal. Tooooo funny!

  4. This is so funny. I do weird crap all the time. I count sides of things, like a picture frame for instance, and tap the left side of my teeth together twice to signify the left side of the frame. Then I'll tap the front teeth to signify the top of the frame, bottom for the bottom and so fourth. I'll catch myself doing it over and over again with all sorts of shapes. And I can only take Ny Quil if I'm really, really sick. If I'm only a little bit sick and take it I go absolute bonkers. My mind starts racing and I can't sleep.

  5. Definitely awesome.. not weird :) I loved reading all this stuff about you!! Makes me feel a little more normal. I think people who don't have quirks are the weird ones.

  6. LOL we are all a little out there, right? I hate odd numbers, except 5...because for some reason that's OK in my crazy head. I have to have the volume on an even number. My food cannot touch and I eat in order (all of a side first, then all of the next side, so on).

  7. Love this, I think we all have our quirks. I used to eat ice, like no water, just cups full of ice and finally my hubby had to beg me to quit. I had no idea who annoying it was!

  8. i really, really LOVE your blog hun! it's lovely and i'm happy to have found it today! keep up the great posts, because i'll be coming back for more! hehe

    newest follower! ♥
    follow back ?

    hugs, xo!

  9. ha! you are too funny. loved reading this!

  10. This is so funny!! I just love it. I am so ocd it is not even funny! I'm with ya sista! Although, I drink sweet tea by the gallon. #fattyandfreak