You Are My Sunshine

As if you aren't all aware, I love yellow!! Anything and Everything. My room as a child... the brightest yellow you've ever seen. It was light in there in the pitch black dark. The throw pillows on my couch... all have yellow in them. My bedspread has yellow. The new chair I got covered... yellow/grey stripes. It is a major major color in every aspect of my life except my wardrobe. I just don't run across yellow very often, O but if I did...

First and foremost, O My-Lanta!!
This is a MUST... Somebody... Anybody...
I could just stare at it.. It makes me so happy.

I need it for work... for my non-existent laptop and important files..........
Aww hell... I would just tote it. It's a tote. That's what you do..
It can be empty for all I care.

Already have the grey part... just need the pants.

I could seriously wear this ensemble every day.

I would not turn this down.... Nope, sure wouldn't.

Source: google.com via Callie on Pinterest

Yes, please!

Source: kohls.com via Callie on Pinterest

If yellow doesn't put a smile on your face, I just don't know what can!!

O yes, I do! This will, for sure! This is what I came home to yesterday afternoon.

A new pair of running shoes and a dozen roses inside Valentine's Funfetti cupcakes in the shape of a heart!
He was so proud of his craftiness.
I just love him.


  1. I like all your yellow finds. I am doing my kitchen in orange and yellow. Yellow just makes me smile. Your hubby did so good!!! Glad you had a good Valentines.

  2. i work at ann taylor loft & we just got yellow cropped pants in! you'll have to look at them online! im obsessed with them....and everything you posted for that matter!

  3. oh my gosh kendol is adorable!! i love how he put the cupcakes in a heart shape and put the running shoes there too. too precious. how was tico's? and i saw a lot of those sunshine pins on my boards too, great minds think alike!

  4. Love all of this bright yellow inspiration! Gets me even more in the mood for summer!
    That Tory Burch bag is gorgeous!

  5. Great yellow inspired pins - one of my favorite colors. I really want yellow pants.


  6. that bag is incredible. obsessed. amazing post, love. if you get a sec I have a fabulous giveaway valued at $634.50 that I'd love for you to enter. xo


  7. ha ha. i pinned those banana capris too. they are smokin hot! don't you love tory burch's stuff. saint i tell you!

  8. Yellow def matches your bright personality!

    And what a great VDay surprise :)

  9. Pinterest! Whoever created it is brilliant. I love all of your finds and your blog! It has a welcoming happy vibe to it (:

  10. I'm your newest follower!! Love your blog and I'm not a big yellow fan but I wouldn't mind having that Chanel bag! Gorgeous!!

    Have a FAB weekend!!


  11. OMG! What you came home to is the most precious thing ever!! Kendoll is a doll! And I love yellow! I wish it was a color that looked better on me.