O, What a Week

Is anyone else in a funk like me? Something's just a little off. I'm just not Callie and I can't figure out what's wrong with me. Little things that would never bother me are driving me nuts and putting me in a bad mood. I haven't slept since last weekend, I don't think. The work week has gone by painfully slow. I don't even like the music that comes on pandora.

Maybe it's the constant changing of weather. Not good for my allergies.. What.So.Ever.
Maybe it's the hurricane winds (hate for my hair to blow.. hate)
Maybe it's the highschool convention going on at the Marriott that's had every restaurant packed for two weeks now, to where I can't even get lunch.
Maybe it's my lack of sleep.
Maybe it's Kendol's snoring. (he is sick and can't breath.. so naturally he is snoring...poor guy, he can't help it, but we all know how much repetitive noises make me almost have a nervous breakdown.) Last night, I finally gave up and slept on the couch. I've never done that.
Maybe it's all of the crazy news coming from my highschool.
Maybe I'm homesick.
Maybe I miss my friends.
Maybe I'm sad bc my Haysie Poo has an eachache and her tubes aren't working. And I know she got her bad ears from her Aunt Cal. Breaks my heart. It's awful. Trust me.
Maybe it's the fact that I just want a damn cheeseburger (this counting calories isn't really that bad at all and it definitely works... but damn it I just want something bad for me)
Maybe it's that I've been trying not to let myself drink cokes this week.
Maybe it's the fact that I've NEVER been this pale in my life. Seriously. Why did I cancel my tanning, again?
Maybe it's the fact that they may bring the cowboy back on Idol. I will die.... Ugh
Maybe it's the fact that I don't even have a quarter... yes a quarter, to get a drink at work...
Maybe it's all of the sad, undeserving news I've been hearing from friends and blog friends.

My heart is just heavy. My mood is just down. And I just don't like it one bit. These are all silly little things (yes some are serious, some are not) that don't even compare to what others are going through. And that makes it even worse. Why are they bothering me?

The weather has been warm and beautiful. Perfect for running (with the wind, of course... good luck going the other way).
I get to see my family on Sunday.
I get to see some of my friends on Sunday.
Kendol cooked my favortie most fattening meal on Wednesday.
I am decreasing my chances of cancer by not going to the tanning bed (Ha!)
I usually gain 5 or so lbs when I start working out hardcore, this time I've lost almost 4. So that's about 10 lbs down. Sa-Weet.... But I still want a Five Guys burger.
Hopefully all of the sad, undeserving news I've been hearing is just the beginnings of something far better!

Source: favim.com via Callie on Pinterest


  1. Love this. I've been in a bad mood all morning--trying hard not to be, but it's just not working. Hopefully my mood will improve over the next few hours...I mean, it IS Friday, after all! We can't let the little things steal our joy. Love you, friend. Let's make this weekend fabulous!

  2. Awe my sweet friend so sorry that your week hasnt been good:) Some weeks just are bad I always say you have to have your down weeks to fully enjoy your up weeks.

    BUT if american idol brings the cowboy back I might have a bad month. This can not happen at all.

  3. I too am in a funk and can not wait for this work week to end! Even though I picked up an extra shift in the hospital. What I was thinking I'll never know. ha. So much sadness in the blog world lately too. Depressing! And the cheeseburger thing made me laugh. Have mercy I need a diet but first I think I shall eat burgers and blues for lunch - thanks Callie! :)

  4. And I love the the MS girls were the first three to comment on this. Makes my heart smile!

  5. If the cowboy comes back...I'll die! He's just awful :( I have been in a funk lately too...look on the bright side...at least you don't have homework every Friday night and class on Saturdays to get a Masters degree that still won't give the a raise high enough to even be close to what you were making before you made this career change...hmmmm