Want That, Need That.. Stat.

You know at Christmas when everyone is asking what you want and you never can think of a single thing to tell them?? Then the rest of the year you can think of tons of things you want on any given day. Well here lately, I have conjured up a few things that I would love to have and most of them I also need. Yes, need. They are all very practical.... besides the bracelet.... but you can never have too many bracelets....

Want That, Need That Wishlist.

A few weeks ago, I tweeted to see everyone's responses on the best running shoes. Currently I have a pair of Nike Air Alaris +3 running shoes and they have been awesome. I have never had a shin splint, a rolled ankle, knee aches... nothing of the sort. And if I remember correctly, they only cost me about $65, which was awesome.... Only thing is, I bought them almost exactly 2 years ago. Yes, 2 years worth of running and training for a half marathon. Needless to say, they have run their fair share of miles, and might need to be retired for running purposes.

So after my twitter survey, I was given all kinds of good suggestions. But then I thought about it and I was like "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Then I thought, it's no fun to get the same kind... that's like getting the same new cell phone... nobody does that. Then I snapped back to reality and thought, "why am I looking for a new kind of running shoe, when the one I have has been awesome?? Why not just get a newer version of it?" Duh....

Well, sh!t.... I can't do that bc apparently they don't make them anymore. They are not on the Nike website. Maybe they still have them in stores or something..

So, I took it upon myself to research the types of Nike running shoes a little since I have a tendency to overpronate... Feet cave inwards a bit when I run.

I also took it upon myself to design my own pair of these babies, but of course, I can't save/share the picture... Boo! They are obnoxious and adorable. Grey with hot pink and bright blue with a Neon Yellow Swoosh (Man I haven't said that in a minute... Reminds me of highschool BBall games) and even have my initials on the tongue... Ballin!!

Moving right along...

A pair (or three) of the new Toms Ballet Flats. I would seriously wear these to work everyday.

Source: toms.com via Callie on Pinterest

Jesus Calling Devotional Book (NEED)

A Zip Up Running Jacket. Like a real running jacket, not a sweat shirt or fleece...
I just want to be like the cool kids, Ok??
Except I wear Old Navy Active Wear... Not LuLuLemon
I'm a runner on a budget.
But if someone wants to buy that for me, I will not turn it down... Just sayin..

And lastly, I would like a beautimous Ronaldo Bracelet.
This I just want... Love them!

What southern gal can resist a good pearl bracelet??
Not this one.
Now who's buying????
Kidding... Kidding... Kinda..


  1. Hey girl check on ebay for you some shoes. When I got into running last year I wanted a pair of Nike Shox and them bishes were 120 new and I got a pair for 69 on ebay and I love them. I just heard about these bracelets yesterday and I am in love how have I never heard of these before.

    Toms have flats now? Goodness I must live under a rock or either I am just out of fashion cause I didnt know this either.

    HAHAHA I am going to call you Teacher Callie cause you teach me something new everyday!!

  2. Oh my goshhh! I got an email from TOMS all about their flats and I WANTTTTT them so bad. They are so stinkin cute! When you get a pair pleaseeee tell me how fabulous they are!

  3. ok when your designed running shoes come you gotta post a photo!! and i hate that when people ask what do you want for christmas and you cant think of anything right then and there. apparently my aunt and mother in law looked through my blog for gift ideas, keep that in mind this christmas ;-)

  4. That is so true! For my bday and Xmas I never know what I want but the rest of the year I HAVE to havea million things lol :)

  5. I am loving those TOMS flats! I have 3 pairs of TOMS and husband said "no more"... for now :-)

  6. That's so funny. I just did a post about the Ronaldo bracelets a few days ago. I love them! Pretty sure it's just a Southern thing though.

  7. Great leopard flats! So cute and they look so comfy, too. xo style, she wrote

  8. I had no idea toms had ballet flats! I'll have to look into those :)

    And love those bracelet selections. Good list. Now you just have to save it for your birthday! Happy Friday!

  9. Yes, I've been eyeing those new Toms ballet flats for the last 2 days! And you are right..... pearls are a Southern staple!

  10. LOVE the running gear because of the thumbholes!

  11. I love those bracelets!! So cute!

  12. Toms..I used to HATE them, kinda like I hate crocs (that hasnt changed) but I saw a pair of sparkly pink toms and now I have to have!!