Over the Weekend

Food... Food... and more Food..

Alright. I'm done.

Kidding, Kidding... but seriously this weekend consisted of lots of food, friends and family.
 O, and lots of classics, such as The Waterboy, Wedding Crashers and Super Troopers.
And yes, I consider Super Troopers a classic... duh..

Friday night:

Run in my fresh pair of Nikes!
Followed by a little wine!

Saturday afternoon Crawfish:

Saturday night sunset from our driveway

On Saturday night, Yes we did.
We ordered the Pizza Hut Box.
Three of Them.
(It was more than just us two)
Replaced the breadsticks with cheesesticks.

Beautiful Sunday afternoon in the country:


Sister and Hayesy

Wedding Shower Time:

Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer... Must have!

All kinds of plants for their new yard!!
And that's a new microwave I spot in the back!


  1. Seems like a pretty perfect weekend to me. I love your Mason jar wine glass!..... you have to love the South!

  2. Pizza hut... yessss! I ate not one but two burgers this weekend. Fatty for sure. And pretty sure I need to live wherever that pond is. Beautiful. oh and the sunset = amazeballs!

  3. That wine glass is amazing! And love your outfit at the shower, Im rocking a fur vest today too!

  4. i saw that wine glass on facebook and thought it was too funny!! love that outfit you wore to the wedding shower, make me want a furry vest. looks like a great weekend callie

  5. I love your fur vest! Too cute!

  6. What a fun weekend! Pizza hut-I might have to try that again. What a sweet shower-I love bridal showers as they are the beginning of something so sweet!