FAB Friday

I haven't done a Fab Friday post in a while, but I believe one is needed for today bc... well bc I said so and I'm in a good little mood.

~First and foremost, I have to shoutout to the Hubs. It's his birthday! The Big 2-7. Dang, you're old boy. Kidding... No, but seriously you're almost 30. Where have the years gone? We will have a weekend full of Fabulous celebrations!

~Let me welcome all of my new followers... Almost to 125... WHAT!!!! Yall are fabulous! I'm pretty amazed that yesterday I gained 4 followers and did not lose 4. I did a post on how weird I was. Apparently people like weird and I'm perfectly fine with that!! Enjoy!

Update: 125!!! Welcome Jodie!

~This sprite I'm drinking and the mini snickers I just ate (for breakfast) are super fab.

~So last weekend I ran out of some make-up and was not in the mood to spend a lot of money for new stuff, so I went to Ulta. I have had a few products from the actual Ulta make-up line that I've gotten in free gifts and I'm liked them all, so I decided I would give some new stuff a try. Come to find out it was buy 2 get 2 free. So I got a base, mascara, red lipstick and red lipgloss all for $20. The base is not so fab (I've been wearing the same base since 6th grade... I just can't part with it), but the mascara and lipstick are just perfect. New make-up for 20 bones... Fab..

203 Chili Pepper
~I am feeling super trendy today. I am wearing flannel... and pearls. I am channeling my inner "Poor Little It Girl" and I'm loving it. If you do not follow her, you should. She's ten kinds of Fab.

~Heejun Han on American Idol = FAB
I seriously cannot tell you how hard I have laughed at him making fun of  "The Cowboy." I usually always root for the cowboys, but not in this case. Cowboy is terrible.

~Speaking of American Idol, Phillip Phillps = Fab.

Plus we have two Mississippians on tv right now!! Brian Fuente that went to Mississippi State is on Blake Shelton's team on the voice and Skylar Laine from right here in my town is in the top 40 on Idol!! Good Luck to yall!!!!

~Free Lunch = FAB
I'm beginning to think someone is mixing up the birthdays here. When I got to the place I went to lunch, Hope Community Credit Union was passing out $12 lunch vouchers. WHAT?? I'll take it. And the free bag and pen too. Then on my way back to work "Meet Me At The Alter" came on the rodeo... Scuse? I didn't even know the radio stations would still have that song on file ha! Made my freakin' day and to any passers by: You are very welcome for the free entertainment bc I was singing and dancing my little heart out.
Source: etsy.com via Peggy on Pinterest



  1. The only think I can say about this post is

    I LOVE IT!!!

    Happy Birthdy to your Hubby!!! Hope yall have a great weekend.

  2. Your posts always make me smile! Have a fab Friday, sweet girl!

  3. You just made my day with that Cowboy thing! HAHAHA. I watch AI and loooove it! GO Skylar Lane!! :) Homegirl can sing. And you are so amazing sweet girl people will fall in love with you cute little blog the minute they find it. Hope you and Kendol (spellcheck!) have a great birthday weekend!

  4. ulta is awesome! they just opened up one in my town and so i don't have to drive out 20 minutes either way to go to one. and they have coupons, $3.50 if you spend at least $10 sephora doesn't have coupons. have a wonderful weekend missy!! love chatting with you!!

  5. Full of style. Love it.