Over the Weekend

This weekend was awesome. Lazy... and awesome. I have never known how nice it is to not have anywhere to go on the weekends. I'm just not used to that. But I slept late both days and actually got to clean the house. And by clean, I mean spit shine that sucker!! Please feel free to come over and admire her beauty.

On Friday, we celebrated Kendol's birthday over crawfish and a few beers!!

Saturday... It rained... and it rained... and it rained... and it rained... and ... Ok you get the point.

So what do I do? Sleep until 10 and watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, of course! Then I decided I could maybe be productive and go to the gym. I didn't feel like running, so I walked swiftly and increased the incline every minute... Ummmm.... I cannot move my buttox... Then what's a girl to do after the gym?? Buffalo Wild Wings, of course! Makes complete sense right?? Then I resorted back to the couch for a 3 hour nap. Glo-ri-ous!!

On Saturday night, we went to eat at a little old restaurant called Crechales with Kendol's fam for another birthday celebration!! Precious little restaurant... Flowered curtains strait out of the 50's, original booths and a jukebox that plays the most awesome birthday song ever! I bet we heard it 10 times during dinner and the whole place goes crazy, singing and clapping. Kendol was a party pooper and wouldn't let us tell them it was his birthday. But don't let him fool you, he used to go with the waitresses to every table to sing when he was little! And this is where Kendol took me on our very first date!

Sunday... well Sunday was spent cleaning... and cleaning... and more cleaning. 5 1/2 hours worth of cleaning. But lucky for me, cleaning burns a lot of calories and definitely comes up on MyFitnessPal... Just FYI! And not just cleaning... cleaning out! WOOF. I cleaned out our entire closet and both sets of drawers. Go Me!

P.S. Who else is working on this lurvly Presidents Day??? Yea... Parking lot was completely empty... again..


  1. Your glasses are so cute! Love that you had a laid back weekend, those are the best :)

  2. I didn't know you wore glasses you look so cute with them on. Sounds like yall had a great weekend. I am working today and ugh it stinks cause today is INSANE!!! everybody that is off work is here in my office.

  3. Oh I worked yesterday too girl! I have been wanting to try Crechale's for forever. One day I'll make it there!