It's Ok..

I have never participated in "It's Ok Thursday" but it appears I have lots to say on the subject. So here goes nothing!

Its Ok Thursdays


that I don't really know what I'm doing with this whole "It's Ok" thing...

that I creepily stared at an innocent man for forever this morning at the eye doctor (creeper alert) bc he seriously looked like Hank Williams, Jr. I'm serious. I think I may have tried on glasses with Bocephus.

that I was 14 calories over my goal for yesterday and was too lazy to do something about it. That's just one more culdesac on my run or a minute or two of jumping jacks, people... ridic..

that my supper last night was over 1,000 calories.. and each and everyone of them were DEEEEE-licious.

that I'm still sad over the MSU vs. UK bbal game and it's been 3 days...

that my mouth started watering for a Bloody Mary when Kendol just informed me he's going to Shucker's for lunch...

that I dance in my cube daily to the Nelly Pandora station..

that I'm still furious at the 3 highschool girls that broke me in line at Chick-Fil-A on Monday..

that I want Chick-Fil-A again already....

that I have been listening to the Scotty McCreery and Luke Bryan cds on repeat for weeks now.

that I was legit nervous for Heejun and Phillip making the top 24 on American Idol last night. They both made it Thank Goodness! Now we have to get Skyler in there!

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that I went off on the girl at Radio Shack when she wouldn't take the phone charger back that I had just bought... It didn't work and she blamed it on my phone... No mam... It's not my phone bc my car charger and new charger work just fine!

that I'm beginning to think I'm a little on edge and need a chill pill..


that I look a hot mess bc the wind was blowing so hard at lunch that my hair looks like a rats nest.

that I'm already thinking about the mexican food I will consume for supper.

that I would much rather be sitting outside, beer in hand, playing cornhole than sitting in this cube. It's 85 and perfect outisde.


  1. Haha. I think I need a chill pill today also. No wait, I know I do. And seriously I looove Heejun and Phil Phil as I call him. Skylar better make it or I might have to boycott the rest of the season!

  2. Once again or we sisters?? I have been listening to Scotty's cd also only difference is it has been Scotty and Miranda Lambert cd. I have never ever tried a bloody mary before?? I think something is wrong with me. At least you have been keeping up with your calories unlike ME!!! but hey I have been back on track today (yes I am patting myself on the back).

    I think you did a great job on this post Callie!!!

  3. ha, yes to dancing to the nelly pandora station. this had me laughing! in a good way of course!
    xo TJ