Over The Weekend

Ok, so over the weekend, we FINALLY had the party that I have mentioned on the blog a few times. We had a wedding party for our friends Tiffany and Colby, but since it was Halloween weekend we added a theme. We had a "White Trash Bash" and it was probably the most hilarious sight I've ever seen. If you are ever looking for a fun theme, this is a MUST.

So without further ado, here is a picture overload!!!
(I apologize if this theme offends anybody. It was just a party)

The Lovely Decor!

The Happy Couple!!

There are no words...

Black Wranglers... a Must!
Kendall and Kendol

Bestest Friends!!
Ann-Hamilton, Mallory, Katie, Mary Kathryn and Myself

Ben and MK

Please notice the House Arrest Anklet

Broom Guitar

Dance Party!

..... and then the scrunchies came out
DEF should have sported that all night.

Other events of the weekend included:
~Crabcakes and Shrimp made by the Hubs on Friday night
~Babysitting Haysey Poo Saturday morning
~Some Hang Time with the Fam
~ A Fabulous MSU Victory
~McDonald's Hashbrowns
~A terrible Saints loss
~A terrible Fantasy loss
~A Glorious Nap
~Some ribs and homemade French Fries made by the Hubs
~In bed by 9:30

I'm worn out jut re-capping!!

And here's to hoping we have some trick or treaters tonight... If not, it looks like I will be putting on some Holiday weight far before Thanksgiving and Christmas come along. Our area does this stupid Halloween event at the park, so nobody goes "real" Trick-or-Treating... So sad.. Way to ruin it for everybody!!


  1. bahahah this is hilarious! Awesome theme!!

    Happy Monday,

  2. Oh that looked like so much fun! Where the heck did you find the toilet?

  3. these are so so cute!! i love the photos and don't worry about photo overload, it is the way to tell the real story of what looks like a fabulous night!! love the party callie and the costumes

  4. Oh my gosh what an awesome party! Love all of the pictures. Looks like an amazing time!


  5. The mullets, the cutoffs, the camo...perfection! Looks like a great party!

    Visiting from Mingle Monday :)