California Cutie

Hey Ya'll!!

So, today is a big day for The Good Life Blog.

I am having my very first blog swap today and what better person to be doing this with than my little California Cutie, Meg!! She is adorbs. Hope yall enjoy and go visit her blog Henning Love to read more about her and see my portion of the blog swap!!

Hey everyone! I'm Meg from henning love and happy to be blog swapping today with Callie. She is darling and makes me want to move to the South and be one of her best friends. She looks like she is always having fun! Plus she and her honey are just so cute together!

The idea for this post is to "interview" each other. Basically give each other the same 10 questions and we have to answer them. You get to know both of us a bit more, so check out Callie's questions over on my blog. So here I go!

1) What is one thing that gets you really excited or the most happy?
The one thing that makes me so happy is being at home with my husband and hanging out with our dogs. They are really family to us, so whether we are off on a family run together or being lazy and lounging around in our bed, yes our dogs too, that is what makes me so happy. 

2) What is one dish or meal you want to learn how to make really really well?
I really really want to make a great Italian ragu, don't ask me why in particular. It just seems to be a staple of Italian cooking, it is low and slow cooking to allow the flavors of the ingredients to marry together very well. 

3) What sports, if any, did you play in high school?
I played volleyball freshman year, then my arthritis that I had when I was first 3 years old returned so I couldn't play anymore. The arthritis could be another post in itself, but yes I did get diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis when I was 3. Thank goodness I don't have many memories.

I did however allow myself to play softball and I have the greatest memories from playing softball.

4) If you could trade places with anyone for one day, who would it be and why?
I am a political science nerd so I would want to trade places with the Secretary of State just because I love diplomacy. Not a fan of Hillary Clinton, per say, just the position she currently holds. I want to influence our foreign policy, meet heads of state, and bring the world a bit closer together through diplomatic means. But if I wasn't a political science nerd, I would say well get back to me on that one :-)

5) What is a big pet peeve of yours?
One of the biggest pet peeves is when someone is routinely late and wastes my time. If you want to meet up with me at 12:30, please make sure it is 12:30. I will forgive you and I understand things come up. We both have busy lives and I want to make the most of my time with you so don't be late :-)

6) If I came to visit, what’s the one thing you would make sure we did and the one restaurant we MUST go to?
The one thing I would make you do when you came to visit me would be to ride cruiser bikes down in Newport Beach. It is one of my favorite activities.It is so relaxing and you can just ride around for an hour or more right next to the ocean. The one restaurant I would have to take you to is Wahoo's Fish Tacos too and pour some of that lovely Tapatio sauce on your fish tacos because I like my tacos spicy with an extra kick! 

7) What is your favorite sport to watch and what teams (college and professional) do you follow? 
My favorite sport to watch is either baseball or hockey. I just like them best and can follow them better than any other sports. The teams I follow are only because they are my husband's teams, the Padres and the Chargers. I didn't have any teams before we met that I followed regularly, but I knew 3 months after dating him, I would pretty much have to be a Padres and Chargers fan when I married into his family.

8) How did you and your husband  meet?
Ok I actually have a post already written about this, I haven't posted it up yet but I will give you the brief story. The post later will fill in the details. We met at church, although we both went to the same university, Azusa Pacific University. I went to the post-college group at church on a Tuesday night all by myself, and I was praying that God would have some people ask me to sit with them. That happened and later in the service, Sean came to join the rest of the friends I was sitting with. We all chatted after the service but I didn't see Sean again at church until 3 months later. We saw each other in passing, said hi and I went home and later that day facebook-stalked him. Yes I did! We messaged each other for a bit, then I asked him out for coffee. We met on a Wednesday, the next day we both had another date lined up, we saw each other on Friday again, and the rest is now history! 

9) Have you ever met anyone famous? If so, who’s your favorite that you’ve met,  and who is the one person you would die to meet?
Ok meeting famous people here is my list, John O'Hurley, you know the boss in Seinfield and he hosts the game show, Family Feud.

I have also met, the former Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson.

Lastly, Lou Ferrigno, the original Incredible Hulk. Sorry for the poor photo quality.

10) What is your favorite movie of all times?
Oh this is a hard one, ok my all-time favorite movie is The Cutting Edge. Remember it, toe pick?? After that it would be Notting Hill, Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, oh too many great ones. 


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  2. Love that I found all of your adorable blogs! I love volleyball and am super jealous you've met Fergie!

  3. Blog swaps are fun!! Love all the people she's met! How cool :)

    P.S. thanks for adding my button, sweet girl!

  4. I'm so glad you ladies swapped blogs because this is so fun! Meg - did you go to high school around here? I wonder if we played softball or volleyball against each other?! I think we're the same age and I know you now live close to where I grew up :)

  5. hey leeann, nope I didn't go to school around here, I went to high school in Tokyo, sorry that would have been cool if I had and we played sports against each other without knowing it

  6. hey!I'm now a new follower and newer in the blogger world. i saw your post on meg's blog and enjoyed reading more about her on yours!


  7. this was so much fun callie!! i loved participating in a blog swap with you

  8. Cute swap! Enjoyed reading more about you on Meg's blog!

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