The Fair

Sooooo... last night I had my first experience with the Mississippi State Fair. It only took me 26 years to get there!! It was just what I expected. Delicious food, fun rides, air brushed t-shirts and lots of... let me just say "interesting" people. I didn't get many pictures, but just know that it consisted of....

Chicken on a Stick from Penn's
 One of These:
Funnel Cake is an absolute must

A Ride on this:

And everyone else enjoyed some of these (gross):
Sausage Dogs

Can you imagine eating a gyro at the Fair?
Now for the few pictures that were taken!
Kendol and Cody rode the Crazy Mouse Roller Coaster with Kaitlyn

Krista and Kaitlyn on the Carrousel

Kaitlyn and I on the "Tilt-a-Whirl"
I taught her how to "lean lean lean lean lean" so you spin really fast!
She did it the whole way home, every time we turned!
She is now a master "Tilt-a-Whirler" for life!!


  1. yum that food looks amazing and a fair is always the perfect opportunity to sample it! and one of my favorite parts is the ride looks like you had a great time callie

  2. Hey doll! You won my Sam's Club gift card giveaway. Please send me your address when you get a chance and i will get it out to you


  3. No you did not call sausage on a stick gross! Really???? Do y'all have amazing corn dogs at your fair like we do in TX? I hope so because they are the main reason I go to the fair. And that funnel cake looks amazing. Yum!!

  4. Sounds like you had a delicious time!! Yumm you got me craving funnel cake!!

    Happy Wednesday,