Thankful Thursday!

My friend Sara, from my hometown, tweeted this picture yesterday of the cotton in full bloom back at home!! I can't explain how big this made me smile and it prompted this post.

Not only am I thankful for cotton because it's just pretty and makes my day, but it's what provided a means for my family and put food on our table!! My daddy is an entomologist, meaning he checks the bugs on cotton, corn and soybeans, but mostly cotton. So if it wasn't for this one little plant, my life would have been completely different!! It's the little things, isn't it??

And if I'm thankful for cotton then I have to be thankful for teachers. Not only bc that's my mother's job, which also provided for our family, but because we need to be thankful for them anyways. Having a mother, sister and countless best friends who are teachers really makes me appreciate all they go through on a daily basis. Although, next summer when they are all laying out getting a tan and I'm stuck in my cube, I will hate them.. (not really) but for today, I am so thankful. They are some of the most unappreciated people on earth!! (Shoutout to all my bloggy teachers out there. I know there are a bunch of you!)

Let me just show you all my teachers I'm surrounded by:

Momma and Ann-Hamilton (sister)


P.S. this is her first year and she got teacher of the Month yesterday!!
Mary Kathryn (Special Ed)


She is back in school, working towards being a teacher!!!
She will be awesome!

I'm telling yall... I'm surrounded... They are everywhere!! And I can think of more, that's just my closest ones :) Thanks for all yall do!!

I'm thankful for:
My Husband
My Family
My Friends
Mine and Kendol's jobs
(bc w/out them we would have nothing)
Our Home
Our vehicles
The food in our cabinets
Our clothes
Our bed
Our shoes
Our t.v.
(I seriously don't think we could live without one. I mean we have to be able to watch football, right?)

Don't forget to thank Him for the little things, which really are the major things, that we just expect to have out of life. There are some out there who don't have one, or some, of these things and we just don't realize how lucky we really are!!

What are you thankful for today??

Speaking of those friends I'm thankful for... I'm missing Meagan Rae alot today :(
But I get to see her next weekend, I hope!!!!


  1. i love your thankfulness callie! you are always so positive and thankful for the things in your life. you are like my southern sunshine :-)

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  3. that's a lot to be thankful for! love the list :)