Over the Weekend

This weekend was awesome for a few reasons...

1. Mississippi State won their ballgame!! It was just UAB, but a win is a win.

2. The Saints won... And they beat Cam Newton... that makes the victory even sweeter!

3. We spent Saturday out in the country drinking beer, getting food plots ready, fishing and shootin Sh*t... you know... all the things you are supposed to do in the country ha!

Kendol's Cheesin'

4. We went to Shuckers on Saturday night, where I got a shrimp basket (delish) and got to scope out some costume ideas for our "White Trash Bash" we are throwing over Halloween weekend for my friends Tiffany and Colby, who are getting married!!! I can't even explain the people there. While you have all of your normal 20 somethings and of course your motorcycle men & lady friends, there is this whole "other" group of people, that I just honestly don't know how to explain. I still can't figure out where they come from. Needless to say, my outfit ideas are coming together nicely. And I'm sure I will be getting LOTS more ideas tonight, when I take my first EVER trip to the Mississippi State Fair. It's guaranteed to be interesting. (Yes I have lived here for 26 years and have never been) Can't wait for a funnel cake... Yes, it's early in the morning and I'm already thinking of the funnel cake I will be taking down tonight... I will be having chicken-on-a-stick too....... Don't Judge...

5. On Sunday, my momma came to town and we did a little shopping with Ann-Hamilton and Hayes... where I FINALLY found these beauties that I've been looking for in stores for months. You may remember them from HERE!! Can't. Freakin. Wait. To. Wear. Them...

6. Kendol cooked Tuna and a Shrimp/Crabmeat Bisque for supper last night... It was like my own little "Bonefish" at the hosue!! Sad thing is... I forgot my leftovers for lunch today... :(

7. And last but not least, I have a slight lead in Fantasy Football, with both of us having one player left to play tonight...  Fingers crossed for all three of my teams to have a "W" for the weekend!! WOO HOOOO


  1. i love the cheesiness :-) and i love how you play fantasy football see we are suppose to be friends in real life too??

  2. I love going shooting! And those shoes are GREAT!!! I can't wait to see what you pair them with.. I'm a new follower xo

  3. Sounds like an eventful weekend for sure! Here's to a great week ahead :)

    P.S. Craving seafood now!

  4. What a fun weekend! The food looks amazing! xx

  5. um woah! Those shoes look amazing!!! Just don't do to your ankle what I did to mine on Bourbon Street. Booze and Walk in Wedges safely! Trust.