Fab Friday!

First of all, I am going to start this Friday out with a little Fill in the Blank sesh courtesy of Lauren at The Little Things we do!

1. When I was a kid I wanted to be a gymnast when I grew up.

2. As an adult, my dream job would be a wedding planner or interior designer.

3. W hen I was younger I wanted to be just like The Magnificent Seven Gymnastics Team!

And yes, of course, I had these folders and spirals of my girls!!
 4. The childhood Halloween costume that I remember most was the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz!! It's amazing how many times that costume was worn for so many different reasons. My mom always hand-made our costumes so they were always awesome!

5. My favorite childhood toy was my original Nintendo, I guess (awesomeness... still to this day. I got rid of mine at some point, but my Aunt gave me her original Nintendo for Christmas 2 years ago. It's awesome)! We didn't really play with toys. We spent out days out roaming the streets, running around barefoot, riding bikes, and playing basketball, baseball, kickball and spotlight!! There was no time for silly toys ha.

6. The time I got into the biggest amount of trouble when I hmmmm we never really got in too much trouble. But one day, when we were planning our "Jazzy Reindeer" performance details we got on the roof of this little shed/barn thing. We thought it belonged to some of our guy friends house. Apparently... it belonged to their neighbors. They said we ripped the shingles off (which we most certainly did not do) and called the police... yes the police.. bc we sat on the shed... and we got off as soon as they told us to... We gathered all of the money that we had and took it to them to help "fix" their issue and they actually took it... from 10 year olds... every penney we had.... what terrible people they were.

I believe I'm still bitter.

What is "Jazzy Reindeer" you ask?? All of the gals (and boys) in our neighborhood got together and choreographed dances to all of the best Christmas songs and we put on a show for the folks in our neighborhood... Yes, we made them pay to watch us... Yes, we had snacks, hot chocolate and an intermission... Yes, we had Christmas "iron on" warm ups, outlined in puff paint... Yes, we had scrunchies and keds... And we used the money we raised to buy presents for 2 angels on the angel tree!!!

And yes, this is all on video!!! It's fantastic.

7. I get daily inspiration from pinterest, other bloggers and the people I encounter!!

Now on to Five Reasons why this Friday is FAB!!
1. Well, I started my day off with some Randy Travis, Diamond Rio and Deanna Carter on the way to work... ab-so-lute-ly can't beat that. A big THANKS to Prime Country on XM.
2. One of the ladies in our office brought Halloween decorated Sugar Cookies.... I had a Frankenstein!!
3. I'm jamming to some Christmas music in the cube!! (I hear the new Michael Buble Christmas album is legit... MUST download immediately)
4. Only one more day til the "White Trash Wedding Celebration" tomorrow night!! (engagement celebration with a dress up theme since it's Halloween weekend... yes, please!) Only downside, is my shirt (airbrushed) that I ordered is still not in...EEEEKKK... I ordered it on the 10th... Fingers crossed it comes in today! IT HAS TOOOO..
5. We now have a carved pumpkin at the house for the Halloween weekend.

The Hicks' Witch
The Collins' Paw Print
The Russell's Spider
  And one to grow on...
6. I am officially signed up for the MS Warrior Dash!!! Can't freakin wait. I'm most excited about the complimentary viking helmet, of course.... Has anyone else ever done this??

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween weekend! I absolutely can't wait to see everyone shenanigans next week :)




  1. i'm stopping by from the follower fest and would love to have you visit and check out the huge giveaway going on at my blog- http://thelovelypoppy.blogspot.com/2011/10/blog-follower-giveaway.html xoxo nicole

  2. New follower from followfest! Love your cute little blog.

  3. oh no, everyone keeps talking about busting out the christmas music. i can't do it! i always have to wait until thanksgiving morning, after the macy's thanksgiving day parade. i can't stand it though. SO much great christmas music out there right now!
    and you should totally be a wedding planner. adore!!
    xo TJ

  4. aww you seem like a sweet girl! found you at ashlyn's blog unrehearsed life!

    nice to meet you! :)

  5. nintendo was great!!

    I loved your answers! Wedding planner or interior designer.. great dream jobs.. I'd probably go for private investigator and b&b owner: http://mustbeliberating.blogspot.com/2011/10/what-if-i-wasnt-mortgage-analyst.html

    Great blog! I'm your newest follower :P