Over the Weekend

O what a great weekend!! Besides our heartbreaking loss to South Carolina, it was perfect. We should have won that game. We won the whole time down to the last few minutes. It's a sad sad time to be a Mississippi State fan. We had a great team last year, so expectations for this year were high. We hold our own against all of the other crazy good SEC teams, we just can't pull out the W. But our boys play hard and they give it everything they have and that's all we can ask for.

On Friday, I took off of work at lunch to prepare for the weekend ahead. I scurried around town trying to get everything ready. The liquor store for bloody mary's and mimosas. Apple Annie's for some fun tailgating cups. The grocery store to get stuff to make brownies and puppy chow. To Party City for some MS State napkins. Sonic for lunch, then finally home to actually cook and get everything ready.

When we got to Starkville, we went strait to Kendol's little brother's house in the Cotton District. O this took me back a few years. While we don't miss a game, we hardly ever spend the night just because it can get so expensive. But this weekend, a lot of my best friends from college were going to be there, so we stayed. Not for one night, but for both! So on Friday night, we sat on Matt's balcony in the Cotton District and  had a few beers, before heading off to West Point to meet all of my friends for dinner at Anthony's. Somehow, during my 4 years of college, I never went to Anthony's to eat. What.Was.I.Thinking!! Delish!!! We called it a night early so that we could get up early for tailgating since the game was at 11:20. We fell asleep to the sounds of a Widespread Panic cover band literally 20 feet outside the window!! O, the college life!! Ha. I have to admit, while I'm not the biggest WSP fan, if Little Lilly or Tallboy had come on, I would have been up off that air mattress and dancing by myself on the balcony....)

On Satruday, we arrived at the "Junction" (MS State's Tailgating Area) at 8:40 a.m. and we left at about 6:30 p.m. I'd say we did some solid tailgating. Then we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings to catch the Auburn game and then on to Ricks for some dancing!! Dollar night and a little booty shaking is good for the soul!!! But not so good for my head and body the next day... or the next!!

I laid on my couch at 11 a.m. yesterday morning and didn't move, besides to eat supper, until I moved to the bed at about 10:15. I officially feel old. And I think I may have forgotten how to dance.... Not good... I must practice ha!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend!

Mallory and Katie at Anthony's

Kate and I at Anthony's

Kendol and I at the game

All of our boys had on pink!!
Made my day.

This classy broad was right in front of us.
Seriously... of all the things in her closet, this is what she picked.
Welcome to Mississippi.

Kate and I burnt... obvsss

Ran into Claire and Gina!!! Yay!!

Jamie, Katie and I doing a little booty shakin'


  1. you and your husband are just the sweetest!! sorry for your team's loss, always a bummer. looks like you had a great weekend, as always :-)

  2. I have been reading your blog for a few weeks and emailed you awhile back. I didnt realize you and your hubby are just like 5 rows back from me and my boyfriend at the games. I turned around one time and saw you. Saturdays game was an upset but guess we got a good tan.

    Nicole G

  3. Looks like you had an awesome weekend girlie <3

    Happy Monday,

  4. I love this post. Well, really, I always love your weekend posts. So glad you got to catch up with friends! And of course you looked fabulous while doing it, too :)

  5. Callie!! Wish I could have seen you Saturday! I think we had on the EXACT SAME THING! Leopard top and maroon pants?!!? LOVE IT! Also, I MUST know where you got that leopard scarf in the Anthony's pic!

  6. looks like a great weekend! sorry you lost :(

  7. Looks like such a fun weekend! I'm loving your scarf in those pics! Super cute. :)

  8. I love that cute little leopard scarf you were rocking!!
    PS- Any guesses on how bad yall are gonna beat up on my poor wildcats next weekend? phew. it will be bad.