Friday Fashion

A few of my favorite things for fall are leopard, skinny jeans, super flares, blouses, pops of color, blazers, and boots!! And I have got them all here for your viewing pleasure. When I make these collages on polyvore I try to only use brands and items I would/could actually purchase here in Jackson or that I already own (or something very similar to what I already have). Sometimes, though, you have to throw in that one thing that you dream of having, such as the Frye boots and a Tory Burch purse.

So here are a few of my favorite things for fall that can transition from day time to party night time!!!

Baby Pink

Old Navy Flares!

These Old Navy super flare jeans are the bomb!! I have never been able to wear any kind of pants from Old Navy and I admit, usually I'm a fan of good quality denim, so I normally don't even pay attention to jeans when I'm there. But.... these caught my eye and they fit me like a glove. They are super flare and almost black so they are different than anything other jeans in my closet. Love them!

Leopard Blouse

Leopard Blouse by calliecollins featuring super skinny jeans

Once again, this Old navy blouse (same as the baby pink one above) is quickly becoming my favorite shirt in my closet!! I love it and may just have to get it in every color! I can already tell this whole blouse thing is gong to be my go to for fall/winter.



  1. great outfits callie! i love that bracelet in the second outfit, that pattern is really pretty. and the leopard top is gorgeous too dang i just love all three i can't decide which one i like better!