Over the Weekend..

This past weekend was one that was good for the soul. I headed home right after work on Friday. I got to my Grandmother's house just in time to enjoy a delicious spread of appetizers from our local watering hole, Webster's, before it was time to head to watch the little sister cheer. We had fried hot tamales, chicken quesadillas, fried pickles, onion rings... and the list goes on and on. Holy Moly my mouth is watering. Take me back ha! And at the game.... guess who was also there to watch her little brother????RACHEL!!!!!

Speaking of "just in time..." I got home "just in time" to hit the flat lands of the Mississippi Delta at harvest time. The views really will take your breath away and I get just as excited to see all of the crops as I have the for the last 27 years. I also got home "just in time" to see the cotton fields in full bloom before the flood gates opened yesterday. Please say a prayer for the farmers and their crops. So sad.

On Saturday my mother and I headed to Cleveland, MS for a Stella & Dot show and a little girl time. After the show, we headed to McCarty and Peter's Pottery. If you are not from Mississippi, you do not understand the importance of these two potteries. They are like the Holy Grail around these parts. They are sold in lots of stores across the state, but there's still nothing that compares to going to the actual place where they are made. There are so many more unique pieces that you will never see anywhere else (like the dinner plates that I am now beginning to collect... bc we need new dinner plates since ours are 3 years old bahaha... but that's neither here nor there) I don't get to go often, so when I do I kind of lose my mind and all of my self control goes out the window. After I purchased a few Christmas gifts, it was time to spoil myself. I came away with two new wine glass, a spoon rest (bc that's completely necessary) and two new dinner plates to start my collection.

After a day of shopping, I got in a little hang time with the little sister and boyfriend then headed back to home for a night of steaks and football with Kendol, Colby and Tiffany. Can I just say that the guy on Alabama's team whose jersey sat on top of his gut absolutely made my night. I giggled every time they showed him.

And yesterday was the laziest I have been in forever. Brunch then Couch... I literally didn't move from the couch for like 10 hours and it was G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S!!!!! Rain. Sweatshirt. Glasses. Football. Homemade Nutella Cookies. Fall Candles. Sonic Coke. Glorious, I tell ya!

Now it's time for a new week... How do the weekend's go by so fast??


  1. Love your sweet little blog!! And lazy Sundays are my favorite :)

    P.S. I am your newest follower!

    Happy Monday!

  2. I love that picture of the cotton field! Nothing like a picture of the true south!

  3. I have lots of the McCarty in the brown, but am thinking about collecting the turquoise dinner plates.....decisions, decisions. It's such a commitment!

  4. sounds like a great weekend! (i.e., no mention of mississippi state football) haha!