Over It..

Anyone else out there not having the best day?
Not having the best week?
I'm right there with you.

Source: piccsy.com via Meg on Pinterest

This is what I keep telling myself.
Life is awesome, but it's not always easy.
And I have some good news for all of us:

Yep, we're going to be just fine :)
Thanks Mr. Marley for clearing that up.
You sir, are right every single time.

Nothing a little run and a Margarita Mexican date night can't fix.


  1. Yes, I'm with you the whole week not going so well! As in always say to myself--this, too shall pass! I try to run and I don't get very far. I don't thinky body can take it! Thanks for the inspiration!! I needed it!

  2. I wish we could have a margarita date! Soooo with you, lady. Things will get better soon! If not, just add tequila :)

  3. dont worry callie everything will be alright! call or text if you wanna vent

  4. this is perfect for my day, thank you!!


  5. Two quotes I need to remember daily. Thank you!!! Needed that, too. :)


  6. You must be reading my mind!!! I needed this post. Thanks Callie. :) Hoping the day/week gets better for the both of us.

  7. Love this . I can't stand to see the FML statuses on fb . Everyone has bad days but it doesn't mean our lives are awful!
    Three little birds is my favorite song hands down & I keep 3 little birds (pottery ones ;) ) on my desk at work to remind me that it will all be OK ! regardless of our bad days :)

  8. Oh my dear goodness, yesterday must've been THE DAY to have a bad day - mine was horrible too! I pinned that photo right before I posted a bad day post too!


    Maybe we needed to go out for Margs TOGETHER?! Wishing you nothing but sunshine and chocolates - hoping today was WAY better than yesterday!

  9. Ahh. I am in the SAME boat! This week has not been my friend! Chin up, tomorrow is FRIDAY! :)

  10. Newest follower here! I found you through the Friday blog hop! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!