Over the Weekend

What a busy weekend it was!! And let's just say Kendol deserves a "Husband of the Year" award for the weekend. Not only did he get up at 6:30 on Saturday morning to watch me run in the Viking 5K, but he hung with the girls for the rest of the day, helped decorate for the wedding shower on Saturday night, made sure all food was fully stocked during the shower and helped clean up after the shower on Saturday night! He's a keeper yall!

Beautiful morning in Greenwood for the 1st Annual Viking 5K & Half Marathon

Meagan Rae and I before the race!

Racing to the finish line.
My best time EVER.
I finished the 5K in 28 minutes flat.
That is VERY VERY awesome for me.
I'm usually at 10-11 minute mile runner. Not sure how I pulled it off.

Old building in Greenwood.
Kendol took this picture "for the blog!!"

This was the scenery for the end of the race!

Liz with a half marathon time of 1 hr 37 mins!!!
She won the entire half marathon for the girls,
and was only right behind 5 or 6 boys.

Meagan Rae and Mary Britton finishing the Half!

Liz accepting her award!

Moving right along to Katie and Chris' Wedding Shower on Saturday night. What a fantastic turnout that was, as well. And it appears that Kendol did an awesome job of staying behind the camera all weekend bc he is not in a single picture!

Bestest Friends!

Glamour Shots with Liz!

Mary Britton & Meagan Rae
Miss yall so much!
Hanging Rack


  1. Girl!!! You are looking so good:) Keep up the good work!! Kendol is def an awesome hubby!!! Where did you get that adorb dress from I love it:) Good Job on the 5k to that is awesome!!! So proud of you girl!!!! Have a great Monday!!!

  2. Yay for running! I want to do a 5k sometime soon! It seems like it would be fun and a great workout. Your night get up is adorable as well! :)

  3. You are lookin good running, girl! Can I have your legs? Also love that striped dress! Looks like you had a FUN weekend!!

  4. congratulations on your race!!
    these are some great pictures.
    xx jes, newest follower


  5. Such a good hubby! I love when I randomly find pics Kev took 'for the blog'. You are looking great!

  6. Congrats on the GREAT time! I use to run cross country so I know how exhausting those 5k's can be. :P

  7. The hubs even took a picture for the blog! That is the sweetest thing ever! And your finish time, crazy! Goooo girl!