Free Spirit

My parents have always thought of me as a bit of a free spirit and I love that! Well, apparently my ever-present but hidden inner hippie/free spirit would like to come out and play! As I was trying to come up with a theme for this weeks Pinterest Post, it was very apparent that my inner self is dying for some good music and laid back fashion perfection.

I don't believe I've ever mentioned this on here, but I've always ALWAYS wanted to be a hippie and live back in the 60's. What good music they had. What awesome cars they had. What awesome style they had. My only issue with being a hippie is the music part. While I LOVE music, I have serious anxiety when it comes to repetitive noises, so on occassion I can't handle the jam sessions at the end of songs. But hey, if I had a drink in my hand and was dancing my little heart out with my hands in the air, I probably wouldn't even notice.

There is just something so special and unique about laid back hippie/boho-ish type fashion. It is most certainly something I wish I had the guts to try and pull off.

Source: chicwish.com via Callie on Pinterest

MUST make some of these for 4th of July/Birthday Celebrations

What I would give to be able to pull off the head gear.

Source: bit.ly via Callie on Pinterest


Apparently I just like head gear. Maybe I should try it out! I neeeeed a tutorial from someone asap. Seriously.

Nicole always has head gear! Lover her style

Source: bit.ly via Callie on Pinterest

Continuing in a different direction but with a favorite of the hippie chic fashion: COLOR!


And last but not least, my favorite look of the week from the ACM's: Jennifer Nettles is perfection in this Max Azria dress full of fun! I just adore her.


  1. My little free spirit! I love this. You totes are a hippie :) I love allll of these pins...and I can't get enough of all of that color. AmaaaZing!

  2. I would looove to have been a twenty something in the 60's. And every time I see pictures of boho looks I WISH I could pull them off! No head gear going on for this girl though! haha. And I'm caught up. WoooHoooo!

  3. Life is too short for bad vibes image comes from Bohemian Spirit Facebook :)