Mud - Sweat - Beer

This weekend was the long anticipated Warrior Dash. I signed up for the Warrior Dash months ago, and have been waiting and waiting and waiting... By the time it got here on Saturday, I had kind of given up on it and thought of it as more trouble than it's worth.. but I did it anyways because I had paid for it. And the money from the races goes to St. Jude. Anything supporting my favorite philanthropy, I'm in!!

Mud- Chill Bumps- Beer

Picture this.

Saturday morning: 6:30 am Alarm goes off.
That's earlier than I get up for work on a daily basis... It's Saturday.

Walk outside. It's freezing. In the 50's and overcast. I have on shorts and t- shirt and am about to go swimming.. in the mud... for hours.. MIZZZ

Starving, I stop by the service station for breakfast. I figure a candy  bar or something would do better for me than greasy hash browns... Not real sure of my logic but it sounded good at the time. Snickers and a Coke and I was on my way to the coliseum to catch "The Cheese!"

We get to the coliseum to catch the bus and the line is at least 300 people long. We ran at 10 a.m. so one of the earlier races. It is 8 a.m. and I am already freezing. Standing in line. Outside. In the cold. Waiting for a school bus.


Any who, we got there just in time for the race. Got our packets. Checked our bags in. Put chips on shoes. Took a few pictures with our Viking hats and we were off to start line. 10 minutes to race time and our friend Phillip says "We need Eye of the Tiger to start to get us pumped up"... and What happens... Sandstorm comes on (which pumps me up bc it reminds of MS State sporting events) and then what do you know!! Eye of the Tiger starts and the race is off. After about a mile and a few beginner obstacles, Kaylis and I decide to not try and run the whole thing. Our shoes are caked in mud and we are running on 4 wheeler trails through the woods. Let's just be honest, I was trying to finish without a broken ankle or any blood. Mission Accomplished.

There were Mud Pits, Rock Walls, Stripper Fireman's Poles, Tight Ropes, two ropes courses, a wade though waste high water, a legit mud swim, a swim while pushing tree trunks down and climbing over (did I mention it was in the 50s)... a little barbed wire here and there... a few army crawls.. some legit fire to hurdle over... a few cuss words and lots of laughs, at ourselves!!

I made it out alive.. No broken ankles.. No blood.. No diseases form dirty water or ropes that I know of.. No foreign bug bites of any kind... But I do have some pretty bruised up shins and a slightly aching right knee. But under the circumstances, I'd say that's a success!

Insert Photo Dump Here:


Kaylis and I before
Best Cousins :)

Mal and Carrie making it to the finish line.

Krista caught me in action... Obviously, I am enthused.

Phillip, Blair, Kaylis, Jonny and I

Shoe donation after 4 races.
I wish I could see what the pile looked like at the end of the day.

Celebratory Cocktail!

As you can see at this point, we were turning purple.

Turkey Leg, anyone??
Notice we are turning blue..
Modeling my Warrior Helmet & Medal for Kendol
 After a few celebratory cocktails, turkey legs and a round of Cha Cha Slide we were back on the Cheese heading home!! What a blast!! If it comes to a town near you, you should definitely do it! It was SO much fun!! Just pray for better weather :)


  1. Looks like y'all had a great time despite the weather!

  2. this looks so fun!!!! i have a new found love for races like this... this might be one i have to try :)

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  4. Wish I had seen you! I am bruised and battered up- the freezing (at least to a mississippi girl) weather did not help but so glad I did it! Hope you have a great week :)

  5. I followed these on Instagram all weekend. I am so jealous! good job miss!!! I want to do one of these!


  6. How much fun!?! Stephen & I debated that or Super Bulldog Weekend all week and ended up in Starkville. We had fun but that looks like so much fun as well. We'll definitely have to be there next time it comes around. Good job on making it to the finish line (alive!) ha!

  7. Wow that looks intense! You go girl for finishing, I hate being dirty haha. I think I am going to do The Color Run when it comes to Denver!

  8. Wow you're awesome! I've heard the Warrior Dash was difficult but a lot of fun!! Love all of your cute pictures from the race!

  9. Looks like a major achievement and lots of fun! xo

  10. O man, you are crazy! But congrats, that is awesome!

  11. I put on events like these, it's my day-to-day job :) So when the Warrior Dash came to our area everyone at work (but me) signed up to do it. I am not a runner. I would have had an asthma attack about 3 seconds in lol! I hear it was intense though!

    I did the Color Run this weekend and walked it haha.

  12. love that t shirt! Good for you for such a great achievement:)

  13. So proud of you for completely this and not breaking anything=)I'm doing it next year for sure!

  14. Umm, that does sound totally mizz! haha. Pretty sure I would have just died on that course. Literally.

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