Me Time

When I left work yesterday, I had not a plan in the world. Nothing I had to do. No place I had to be. All I knew was that I had to watch American Idol and that it was National Grilled Cheese Day and that is just what I was going to have for supper, along with tater tots and a large coke... Kendol was out of town for the night on business so it was a night of me time. Just me. Nowhere I had to go. I honestly didn't know what to do with myself.

I started out with trips to Hobby Lobby and Party City in search of epic bachelorette party essentials, ran through Sonic (yes, our Sonic is just a drive through... weird, I know) and to the couch I went. And I did not move from that spot for the entire night. It was magnificent. I watched American Idol (which I believe was just a ratings booster episode... just my opinion) then I very anxiously started the Giulliana Rancic E! True Hollywood Story. Y'all... I have loved her since the moment I moved to Jackson five years ago, but I had no idea how much more I was about to look up to this woman. (Holy Crapola!! I can't believe I have been living here that long ... and the cable company in college did not have E!... what a travesty) What is not to love about her? She is beyond gorgeous. Her personality is perfection. She has three of the biggest dream jobs in the world (E! News Anchor, Fashion Polic, TV show). That husband of hers is beyond amazing. She is hysterical. She is all in the Hollywood scene but still grounded and normal. Ok, Ok.. I will stop now and get to the point.

Source: poptower.com via Emy on Pinterest

I start watching this special and I seriously cried the entire time. The amount of things she has accomplished and over-come in her life is mind blowing. Girl has a love for life and a drive for success that is beyond anything that I have ever seen. From moving to America and not speaking a word of English, to a fight with curvature of the spine, to pregnancy complications, to breast cancer... She's been there and triumphed through it all. And not only did she triumph, she went through it all with the most positive of attitudes.

I do not know about you, but if all of those things had happened to me, I'm not sure that I could hold it together like she has. And continue to work her butt off in the process. Her drive for success is crazy. She made me realize that there is a lot more to life than just going to work every day and fulfilling the obligations that come with each weekend. She followed her every dream. She has me inspired for the first time in a while. I guess I have been in a rut of sorts. I have been in the never ending cycle of working 8 to 5 and pleasing everyone around me, but never doing anything for myself. What about me? What about the things that I dream about? Things that I am passionate about but just let pass by. 

Writing. Interior Design. Weddings. Party Planning. Fashion.

Yes, I have this blog and it a great outlet for all of the above!!  But to actually write. Really write. Write like I am right now or about things that really matter. I haven't written like this in forever. And anyone can pick out pins on Pinterest of gorgeous interior spaces, crazy fun wedding ideas or classic fashion, but to act on them. Actually do something with them?

I do not want to continue my life in this cycle of comfort. I need to get out there and push myself as Giuliana has. Go after my dreams and my passions. While no, I don't mean quitting my job and moving to France to work in the fashion industry but what I do mean is that I can practice and act on these hobbies that I love with a little more courage and confidence! Who knows... I might be a famous author one day!! Or you might see me on HGTV...HA!! I'll never know if I just keep letting these things pass me by.

If you have not watched this THS and need a little spark in life, it is a must! Find it. DVR it. Watch it. Immediately.


  1. aw i need to watch. i do like her. very motivating friday writing! i like it. cheers to really living life!

  2. Love B and G!!! She is sooo inspiring!!! Great post!!!

  3. Callie! This post is amazing. I love that you got to have some "me-time"- and that you chose to go to Sonic! Definitely one of my faves. I too look up to Guiliana so much! I have been wanting to watch her THS since I heard they did it on E! I am glad you really are pushing yourself to follow through with your dreams. So inspiring!



  4. I watched about half of the E! True Hollywood Story the other day and then I have to leave. I need to find it and DVR it. I've always loved her too!

  5. I haven't watched her THS yet, but the first episode of the new season had me in tears making me feel like I had an emotional breakdown. LOVEEEEEE her and Bill! I need a Bill for a husband. Waaaaaah.

  6. thanks following my blog! i'm following you back...your blog is just so cute! i'm excited to read more!

  7. she is absolutely incredible!!!! i am right there with you, i don't know what i would do if i went through this in my own life. she is so strong, and such an amazing roll model. and her husband is so strong and so loyal!
    xo TJ

  8. This is so true. I sit back and think about all of the stuff I want to do and am not doing :( Life is way too short to waste. I wish I could figure out a way to make my dreams a reality. Good luck to you :)

  9. i love love love guiliana too!

    and also-good for you girl for being able to take some time just for yourself (and sitting on your butt!!) haha

    found you on mingle monday!

  10. I love G! She is sooo inspirational. I recently started watching the Guilanna and Bill show and am addicted. Love the last quote too. Pray for the impossible!