Mrs. Bargainista

Let's discuss bargains, shall we??

I have been quite the little bargainista here lately and just wanted to share a few of my favorite bargain finds with you and present you with my little bargainista wish list!

First up, the adorable yellow rimmed floppy hat from Target. Yellow? Yes, please!! I had Kendol go snatch this up for me the morning we left for the beach. I didn't get to wear it much bc it kept flying off since the wind blew at hurricane like speeds but it is super cute.

Target: $14.99
As seen in the profile pic above.

Speaking of Target, on my trip the other night I decided that it was completely necessary to start carrying make-up in my purse. I have never done this. I don't wear alot of make-up during the week and when I'm out and about on the weekends, I will throw my base and eyeliner in my purse just in case I need it. Well ladies, I'm here to tell you that I purchased a full set of ELF make-up for my purse for $12. Everything basic that I might need except eyeliner. I have not gotten up the nerve to try that yet. Has anyone tried it? I only use Clinique bc every other kind I have ever tried spreads and makes me look like I have black eyes. It's awful. I think it is something to do with my skin.

Powder: $1
Blush: $3
Eye Shadow: $3 (set of 6)
Mascara: $3
Foundation Brush: $1
Eye Shadow Brush: $1

Too bad I cleaned out my bathroom drawers and cabinets last weekend and threw away all of my extra little free gift make-up bags ha!

On to Old Navy. I got this leopard shirt for $10.00... And I have worn it tucked in my black maxi skirt and with my hot pink shorts (as seen here). I got numerous compliments each time. I need it in more colors, for sure. It's perfect for summer.

And most importantly, wine. Bargain wine? Yes. A few weeks ago, Kendol and I were in search of a cheaper wine that we could get by the case for a party we were hosting. So he brought home a few different kinds off the $5 special rack at the liquor store. One of the kinds he brought home was a Fish Eye Chardonnay. First of all, the bottles are adorable... and that's really how we all shop for wine anyways, right?? Secondly it was actually very good. We ended up buying the Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio for the party. Every drop of the Pinot was gone and I brought home the left over bottles of Chardonnay. As soon as those are gone, you can bet I'll be finding out what I missed out on in that Pinot.

As for my bargain wishlist, there are a few things that I have spotted online that I would just love to have. 
Another Target floppy hat!
I have not seen this one in stores.

And a few things I would love to have from Kohls...

Jennifer Lopez Heels
Lauren Conra Chunky Heels
Laurent Conrad Floral Shorts


  1. that leopard top is not on sale at my Target yet :(

  2. i love that leopard top and of course that floppy hat. loved the photo of you wearing it girlie!! we need to bargain shop together i am convinced

  3. Ooh great finds! I bought a big floppy hat for my trip to NOLA. I was told they're a staple in the south. They aren't worn here in SoCal so I feel silly wearing it but I think they are SO cute!

  4. Ohhhh I love that hat! I need to pick that up ASAP

  5. I love that yellow target hat and the yellow heels. Those would be so amazing for spring!

    Cute blog!!

  6. Loving it all! You warmed my little bargain heart with this post.

  7. I love all of these! I plan on going shopping this weekend & bargain shopping is the only way I shop! Great finds!

  8. love that leopard shirt! what a great deal ;)

    xo SideSmile,


  9. LOVE me a good bargain!! I just switched over to ELF makeup to and am kicking myself for not trying it soon!! I feel like I threw SO much money away on Bare Minerals...oh well!

    I have the ELF eyeliner and it works really well. The only thing I don't like about it is that I have to sharpen it almost every day or every other day. (The one I used before I sharpened like once a week) But! It's only $1 so I don't mind. :)

    LOVE that floppy hat!! Kohl's has a really cute one that is all tan with a bow on it...I should really just go buy it :)

  10. I adore that leopard shirt and your floppy hats. I need a good floppy hat for the lake this summer! :)

  11. Love that hat- what a steal!!

  12. Thanks for the bargain post! I love to find great deals.

  13. The minute you see the turq target hat in store I need you to tweet me and let me know so I can go snatch one up!! And that leopard shirt - I neeeed!