Ten Kinds of Random

Just a few things on this fine Thursday:

1. First of all, today is draft day and Fletcher Cox from Mississippi State is projected to be drafted in the first round!!! I can't wait to hear that cowbell ringing in NY! Good luck to all of our guys tonight. #hailstate

2. After 4 years in the ole' cube, I'm getting my own office!!! (Squealssssss) I have already ordered this print to be framed... I do not get the office until July... Excited much?? Psycho?? Moving on up in the world!! And yes, there are also Ole Miss prints... The grove one is adorable (and the City Grocery and Square Books...)... And Jackson ones too!!! (perfect gift ideas)

Thimblepress Etsy Shop

3. I had a mild panic attack Tuesday due to all of the wedding festivities that I put in my E.C. planner. Three best friends getting married in 4 months... in them all. That's a lot of parties, showers, bachelorette parties and wedding weekends. Needless to say, I do not have an open weekend until late August. Love it :)

4. I still can't believe I missed Sugarland at Davis Wade on Saturday... or Grace Potter last night... Mississippi State is on point with their concert selections.

5. If you don't watch The Client List or Happy Endings, you should start watching them immediately.

6. Bruce (from Swamp People) was at the Mississippi State vs. Southern Miss baseball game on Tuesday night and I missed it.... So sad (ha!)... Yes, I love that show (no shame) and he just so happens to be one of my favorite. I mean what is not to love about the guy... Overalls (no shirt), crocs and an American Flag Doo Rag... BAHA!

7. I may or may not have said baseball and half time in the same sentence the other night... What is wrong with me?

8. There are 127 days until Football season... Just saying..

9. Six of the Eight things above referenced MS State... I must be missing it.

10. My little sister tweeted me this, this morning and it made my day: "Daddy got a new grass clipper to hook to his tractor to mow our gigantic yard. He has been up since 6 mowing!" Bless him! He is precious.

P.S. Bargainistas: Old Navy is having 20% off (30% if you have an O.N. Card). Coupon Apparently I was in the mood for stripes #psycho... And The Loft is having 50% off all skirts and dresses today only!

I believe that is enough randomness for the day... Ta Ta!


  1. I love Happy Endings AND The Client List! Also, OKState is supposed to have a 1st round draft pick as well and I'm so excited! Great minds think alike huh ;)

  2. So excited about Football season!!! Thanks for the tip on Loft stuff - I will be checking that out after work!

  3. LOFT sale i love it, going online shopping right now!! and i love the 20% off sale at ON right now. love those stripes

  4. Love random posts and a good deal! Those tops are too cute!!

  5. congrats on the new office! so exciting!

  6. Yay on the new office!!

    I already told you on intsagram but I just LOVE those ON tanks...Im going to need to grab some of those!

    We loooove Happy Endings at our house, too funny!

  7. Love The Client List AND Grace Potter!
    Did you see The Client List movie as well? Came out about a year ago on Lifetime..so good!

  8. Shut your face!!! Why did I not read this yesterday so I could go to the loft!? And your very own office!! Some seriously squeals!! Of course we are going to need pictures once you move on up in the world!!